Currently Coveting – Summer Makeup

I’m just beginning to discover makeup and the beauty of playing around with colors on my face. I don’t have a large makeup collection since I don’t typically wear a lot of makeup. I refuse to hoard makeup so instead, here is a virtual wishlist!


Lip color is the one of the few makeup products I do wear! I love lip colors and their ability to brighten up my face. Here are some colors I’m coveting for summer.


1. Revlon lipstick in Berry Smoothie

2. Revlon lipstick in Juicy Papaya

3. Jouer Lipstick in Lana

4. Jouer lipstick in Elizabeth

5. Jouer lipgloss in Sorbet


I currently don’t have any face products except for concealer because I’d rather spend my money on excellent skincare versus face makeup. If I start to wear face makeup though…here are some things I’d consider purchasing.


1. Hourglass Veil Primer

2. Sephora #48 brush

3. Hourglass Mood Light

4. Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint


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