This or That: Bath and Beauty

new series alert!

Part I of III of my ‘This or That’ series…this series is based on the ‘This or That’ tag that made its rounds on Youtube a few years back. I think this tag is a really fun way to really pare down on what my essentials for makeup and beauty are and define my overall aesthetic.


Blush or Bronzer

blush or bronzer

I’m a blush girl for sure. Blush really complements my olive skintone and just makes me look more alive!

Lip gloss or Lipstick

lipstick or lip gloss

Lipstick over lipgloss any day! Maybe it’s just my bad experiences with goopy lipgloss in my teenage years. I do like a good nude lipgloss once in a while but lipstick is really my all time favorite way to instantly brighten up my face.

Eye liner or Mascara

eyeliner mascara

This one was difficult to choose! But I am ultimately a mascara gal…I love the fresh faced, big doe-eyed look.

Foundation or Concealer

concealer foundation

I don’t use foundation at all (the number of times I have used foundation in my life can be counted on one hand) so concealer all the way!

Neutral or Color Eyeshadow

neutral vs color eyeshadow

I really like neutral eye shadows for an everyday look and when I want to vamp it out, I bust out my red lipstick and pair it with lots of mascara.

Pressed or Loose Eyeshadow

pressed vs looseeyeshadow

Pressed, for sure! I hate dealing with powder. I have an irrational fear of loose powder.

Brushes or Sponges

brush or sponge

Brushes for sure. I like being able to grip onto a handle.


Perfume or Body Splash


I really like the light nature of body splash since I’m sensitive to too much fragrance but I’m slowly transitioning over to perfumes that are not too overpowering…

Lotion or Body butter


Body butters are almost always too heavy for me so I opt for light, airy (fragrance-free) lotions.

Body wash or Soap


Soap is way too drying for my skin so body wash it is!

Lush or Other


I really like the bath melts at Lush and the candles at BBW but the bath company I visit the most would be The Body Shop.


From the choices I’ve made above, I would say I’m a pretty fuss-free kind of person when it comes to makeup and beauty. The easier it is to apply, the faster it is to get on my face, the better I like it! I also enjoy moisturizing products for my body and tend towards lightly fragranced to fragrance-free products.

Watch for Part II: Fashion next Thursday!


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