This or That: Fashion

Welcome to Part II or III of the This or That series. Check out Part I here!

Part II looks at fashion and I learned so much about myself and my sense of style through the choices I had to make in this post. Enjoy!


Jeans or Sweatpants


Jeans all the way! Sweats are comfy and all but I don’t consider them appropriate outside of the house.

Long or Short Sleeve


I prefer long sleeve shirts especially for Vancouver because it’s so cold 8 out of the 12 months here!

Dresses or Skirts


This was really difficult for me to pick but ultimately, I do wear skirts more than dresses just because of the versatility that a skirt offers. I love mixing and matching tops with skirts and creating endless looks.

Stripes or Plaid


Stripes all the way – I don’t like plaid and have never really been into it. I think it gives off a cowboy-Western vibe which doesn’t suit my style. Honestly though, I don’t have a lot of printed/striped tops since I prefer single-color tops. I’ve been really wanting to get into patterns more but I prefer pops of pattern e.g. in an accessory like a scarf or a bag versus on clothes.

Flip flops or Sandals


I am a sandals gal. Flip-flops hurt my feet! Sandals on the other hand are comfy and stylish ( or at least I think they are)

Scarves or Hats


I love scarves in the fall/winter/spring and hats in the summer. By virtue of which one I wear more often, scarves win!

Studs or Dangly earrings


Let me preface this by saying that in my late teens/early 20s, I really liked wearing dangly earrings. Since hitting the mid-20s mark though, I have been really into studs. Simple and classic.

Necklaces or Bracelets


Necklaces! I rarely find bracelets that can fit my small wrists.

Heels or Flats

heels or flats

Flats all the way…unless there’s a special occasion. I can honestly recall the last time I wore heels (for my wedding) and the height of the heel (4 inch and then, 1 inch)…that is how infrequently I wear heels!

Cowboy boots or Riding boots


Combat boots? I have one pair of trusty black combat boots that I wear everyday…EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I love them because they give a punch of bad-assery into any outfit and ‘toughs out’ any outfit that is too ‘princessy’. Cowboy boots don’t go with my style and once my combat boots wear down, I might invest in a pair of black riding boots.

Jacket or Hoodie


Jackets! I own one hoodie in my entire closet and I never wear it without layering it under a jacket. I love looking put together and a clean-cut, crisp jacket pulls my look together.

Favorite stores



I get all my basics (jeans, t-shirts) from American Eagle Outfitters and H&M. Everything else is a modpodge collection from thrift stores (I love thrifting!), local boutiques, Etsy (yes, Etsy!) and a mix of different high-street brands like Topshop, Urban Outfitters, Zara, Anthropologie etc. I really dislike spending too much money on clothes since I like to do a major switch-up of my closet once a year…so when I go into these stores, I make a beeline for the ‘Sales’ section and/or search for a particular item in mind. I like to buy classic, enduring closet pieces from more expensive stores like leather jackets, coats and/or dress clothes that are high-quality and can endure year after year, season after season.


From the choices I made above, I am starting to understand that my clothes and fashion are a big part of my life. I use my clothes as another form of artistic self-expression. My style is a mix of classic and trendy, tomboy and princess but always comfy, casual and practical. I am also an emotional dresser – I dress according to how I feel in the moment. I do a major closet clean-up (taking inventory, throwing out and replacing clothes) at least once a year, usually during seasonal transitions because I don’t like collecting clothes and cluttering up my closet with items I don’t love and wear.

What is your personal sense of style? Do you clean up your closet frequently?


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