July 2014 Favorites

Here are some of my favorite things from July!


Black maxi from Barefoot Contessa

I’ve been in search for a black maxi skirt since the one I’ve had for 2 years started looking raggedy. I was over the moon when I found this soft jersey maxi. My favorite thing about this skirt is the pleating in the front – when I walk, my legs are revealed in a subtle but sexy way (there’s lining underneath to prevent any unwanted flashing)


GAP sandals

I have truly been loving these sandals this month. They are ultra comfortable and cute. I pair them with everything from shorts to maxis to jeans.


Beaded bracelet

I got this bracelet from Sydney, Australia when my family and I attended my sister’s graduation in December 2012. My sisters and I got similar beaded bracelets so this is a piece of jewelry with a lot of sentimental value for me.

earrings from The Front and Company

I got these unique studs from a store on Main Street called Front and Company (store discovery alert!). I really love the shape of the earrings and that they are reminiscent of a star-studded galaxy.

Watermelon Lemonade candle from Bath and Body Works

I featured this candle in my very first blog post here so is it any wonder that it is my favorite candle of the summer thus far?


Clarisonic Aria

I recently went back to using my Clarisonic Aria this month (I use it nightly) and have been noticing that my skin is more dewy, acne/irritation-free and generally, happier-looking.

Tea tree oil

I was using the Clinique Acne Solutions spot treatment for a while but after reading about the banes of salicylic acid, I decided to switch to an all-natural , acne-fighting route. Tea tree oil has many benefits and every time I spot-treat a pimple, the smell throws me back to my teenage years. There isn’t much difference for my skin in terms using salicylic acid versus tea tree oil – both combat acne in a similar time frame. I’m just happier knowing that I’m using something all-natural for my skin.

Nivea lip balm

This stuff smells divine, is buttery soft and budget-friendly at less than 4 bucks! I use this every day when I’m at home – in the morning when I wake, after brushing my teeth, after eating, after the shower, before bed…


Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clarke

I really enjoyed reading and finishing this book earlier this month. I haven’t been able to read anything else since!


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