Picnic Essentials

One of my favorite things to do with The Boy in the summer is going for a picnic in the park. We usually spend the morning preparing snacks and food. When we reach the park, we set up under our favorite tree. After eating, the Boy usually naps while I draw in my notebook and enjoy the serenity.

Here are 10 essentials I bring to the park in the summer.

numbered items

1) Water
Staying hydrated is really important to me especially in the summer as I am prone to headaches.

2) Sunscreen
I use a different sunscreen for my face and body but I only bring the sunscreen for my body out and about. I like using this unscented spray sunscreen as it’s easy to use and light enough to carry around.

3) Lip balm with SPF
I have been loving this Jack Black lip balm! It has been featured in this blog post as well.

4) Scarf/Cardigan
I am always feeling cold wherever I am so I am sure to bring a scarf around with me even in the summer.

5) Picnic blanket
This beautiful blanket is actually a piece of hand-woven textile from Guatemala that my father-in-law gifted to my partner.

6) Snacks/food


In addition to my favorite shrimp chips, we also brought a fruit salad and made sandwiches to eat. Delish!

7) Notebook/book
I brought my notebook to draw and write in if I felt inspired to do so.

8) Phone/IPod
Essential for taking pictures, listening to music etc.

9) Hat
Sun protection is my buddy and I love this boat hat from H&M. I featured this hat in one of my summer haul posts.

10) Sunglasses
Just like a sun hat, a pair of solid sunglasses are essential for sun protection. I love this pair of Orotons I got from Sydney. Australia two years ago.

What is your favorite activity to do in the summer?


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