Review: First Aid Beauty Triple Remedy Eye Cream

I asked my mom a few months ago if I should incorporate an eye cream into my skin care routine and her answer was a resounding ‘yes’. I trust my mom when it comes to skincare as she was the person in my life who taught me the importance of a regimented skincare routine (thanks Ma, love ya). I decided to give the First Aid Beauty eye cream a shot as I love their Ultra Repair Cream so much (my review of it here).


blended unblended

What it promises from the Sephora website:

~ instantly erases dark circles
~ instantly brightens the entire eye area
~ over the long term, significantly improves the appearance of undereye puffiness, dark circles, and fine lines
~ no clumping, caking, or messiness

What it delivers: This eye cream has a salmon tint to it which is highly visible after application (no matter how much you blend) but disappears after an hour or two. The salmon tint really helps brighten the entire eye area which is a huge plus for me. I haven’t even had to wear concealer under my eyes since I started to use this product!I have some fine lines in my undereye areas (hello mid-twenties!) and after two months of consistent use, I will say that the lines are visibly reduced. You only need a small amount for both eyes…pinprick blood-size – YES, I am using this gory detail as a size measurement.
The only gripe I have with this product is the packaging and application tip. Once, I accidentally squeezed the tube while taking the cap off and extra product spilled into the cap. I also gave up on trying to use the metal applicator (I tried it for a week and got frustrated) so now I just tap the product with my ring finger as I would any other eye cream.

Price point: at CAD$45 for 0.34oz, this is definitely a mid-level eye cream. However, considering that it lasts a long time and actually works, I’d say this product is worth it. I’ve used it for the past 2 months and I would say that there’s probably about 6 months worth of product in the tube.

Overall rating : 3.75/5 (I give random decimal points as I feel applies to the product)

Thoughts: I am giving this product a 3.75 because of the applicator and packaging. Otherwise, it’s a product worth checking out – it really works in instantly brightening the eye area. I don’t know if I would repurchase it for two reasons – one, I am not sure if I like the salmon-like tint and two, the price point is still a bit high for me.

Do you use eye creams or do you think they’re a pointless step in your skincare routine?


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