Favorite Youtube Personalities


I’ve been following beauty gurus, fashion bloggers and lifestyle mavens for the past year or so (and reading fashion magazines since I was 10). I narrowed down my favorite Youtube personalities to share you all.

I constantly draw inspiration from anything and everything around me but my two most frequent sources of inspiration are nature and people. The five people in this list inspire my style and my life in general. There is definitely a common thread among all these personalities – they are unabashedly unique, unapologetically authentic and they all have true inner beauty.

Maya from Shameless Maya

I adore Maya’s honesty and genuine personality. Her style is fun, colorful, comfortable and chic. Her makeup tutorials are not your average ‘Oh, let’s look pretty’ tutorials – she really goes all out for her transformations! Maya is honest, real and cuts the BULL. I love that about anyone! My favorite videos from her are the ones where she sits us down and just gives it to us straight. Her videos are even more inspiring because I can see that she is practicing what she preaches. My favorite video from her are the useful tips and reminders she shares with artists (below).

Amy Pham from The Platform’s The Fashion Statement with Amy Pham


Seriously though, Amy has such a unique and quirky sense of style. I love it. The looks she pulls together are effortlessly cool with a healthy mix of edginess and a hint of girly-girl. My favorite videos are her ‘How to Style’ videos but I also find her ‘Clothing Staples’ video quite intriguing as her choices are quite different from mine.

Rachel Talbott from Check in the Mirror

Ahh…this is one classy momma right here. She runs both a Youtube channel and a blog. I love Rachel’s classic, clean-cut style. My favorite videos are the ones where she talks about skincare (she knows her stuff!). Rachel keeps it real by balancing fashion/style/lifestyle tips with a healthy amount of mommy/baby posts. I have her site bookmarked for when I’m preggo in the future. I like that Rachel’s haul videos are centered around the ‘Buy less, buy better’ philosophy which I also like to think I practice.

Kandee Johnson

Kandee is like a drop of sunshine in a bottle. A dose of Kandee a day keeps the doctor away. I’m making that saying up right now. I love her hair color and her bubbly personality. Kandee is genuinely hilarious – I couldn’t stop laughing at her most recent video (below). The best thing about Kandee’s channel – her rad makeup transformations. She even does a really awesome Muppet lip makeup tutorial. Oh, and she never stops reminding us that true beauty comes from the heart. đŸ™‚

Michelle Phan

The queen of all beauty queens, Michelle Phan has over 6 million subscribers. I know some folks have been saying that Michelle is a sell-out now that she’s famous (people can be so rude and insensitive) but I watched her earlier videos and her current videos and she seems to be consistently genuine, sweet and kind. She’s coming out with a new book and I must say I am curious to see what she writes about. Perhaps that shall go on my winter wishlist…

Who are some of your favorite bloggers/vloggers/gurus/mavens? What is the X-factor you look for in Youtube personalities you like?


2 thoughts on “Favorite Youtube Personalities

    • I like them too! I particularly love Zoella’s Lush hauls and Tanya’s warm personality đŸ™‚

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