Beauty Routines: Shower

Happy Monday everyone! It’s so close to fall here in Vancouver  (a week to go!) To me, fall is all about change.

To celebrate fall’s transformative spirit , I thought it would be great to talk about all the changes I’ve made to my beauty routine recently. This is the beginning of a three-part series where I talk about my current beauty routines and the products I use in the shower, for my hair and for my face. Enjoy!


Shower products

1) Body wash – Lush’s Dreamwash

2) Body Shop washcloth

3) Shaver – Schick Intuition

4) Body lotion – Patrick Curelle Hand and Body Lotion

5) Deodorant – LAVANILA Vanilla Lavender (review here)

6) Shower cap

Every day, I hop in the shower and my routine is pretty minimalist as you can see by the amount of products I use. I’m all about that ‘fewer but better’ philosophy when it comes to beauty.

I wash myself with Lush’s Dreamwash and then, wash my face with my First Aid Beauty Cleanser. (more on my skincare routine coming up in 2 weeks time) If I’m not washing my hair that day, I use my shower cap (more on my hair routine next week). I don’t shave my legs often ( or at all except for special events).

When I get out of the shower, I put on my face products before putting on my body lotion. Then, I pop on some deodorant et voila! I’m all showered and ready to go. I’m pretty fuss-free when it comes to the shower and like to keep it that way.

image credit: text is my own

image credit:
text is my own

Pamper time

Once a week, I take a little more time to pamper myself. Usually, this happens on a weekend morning when The Boy is at the gym and I’m done my yoga routine.

I wet my washcloth and use it to exfoliate my body. Then, I use body wash as per normal. That’s it! Just a few extra minutes in the shower to ensure dead skin is properly sloughed off.

Do you do have any favorite shower products? Do you do anything special to pamper yourself in the shower?

Stay true xo


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