Review: Principessa Beauty dry shampoo

Hello everyone! I’m back to report on a very exciting discovery I recently made in the world of dry shampoo – the Principessa Beauty dry shampoo in ‘Notte Breeze’. Say bye-bye to aerosol dry shampoos!

I’m so excited to share this with you all because there aren’t enough reviews on this little miracle worker. Trust me, I know! I tried to do some research on it before purchasing and came up with very little information. I’m hoping this review helps those of you who are on the market for a dry shampoo. 🙂



What it promises (from the official Principessa Beauty website):

~ enhanced with beneficial extracts such as vitamin E, aloe, chamomile & calendula

~ silky multi-use powder, talc free, designed to keep you shower fresh all day and smelling amazing

~ absorb excess oils and create gorgeous body and volume

~  magically blends roots and can extend blowouts, too

~ suitable for all hair types and also works wonders as a body powder

What it delivers:

I am so stoked about this dry shampoo! I pour some powder into a used face mask container and use a previously unloved blush brush to puff some on the roots of my hair.

I’ve been using it regularly for the past 4 months on days I don’t wash my hair and it really helps absorb all the excess oils.

This dry shampoo disappears into my roots – I don’t even have to work it in. Once, I stepped out of the house with this on without working it in. When I caught a glimpse of myself in a public bathroom, most of the shampoo had blended into my natural hair color!

This dry shampoo also creates body and volume in second/third day hair – just enough that it’s noticeable. And the smell…I love the smell – it’s very feminine without being too overpowering. I can still use my favorite perfume and not have to worry that the scent might compete with my perfume.

Price point:

I purchased this at wishlist boutique and it cost CAD$12 for 4.4 oz.

This has lasted me 4 months and there’s still a lot of product left (at least another 4 months worth). I would say that this is a reasonable price point for a dry shampoo that actually works. There is a lot of product in this little container which is a huge plus.

Overall rating: 5/5 non-greasy roots

Thoughts: I am giving this product 5/5 non-greasy roots because it satisfied all 5 promises in its ‘product claims’. A huge thumbs up and recommend!

This product is also available in a shade for lighter hair and in a bigger size.

What kinds of dry shampoo have you tried? Do you prefer aerosol or powdered dry shampoo?

Stay true xo


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    • hm…I’m guessing you tried Googling and no luck? My bestie is South Asian and my cousins are part South Asian so I understand that the struggle is real! good luck xo

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