Superfood: Blackstrap Molasses

A few months ago, a girlfriend and I were talking about our periods (ya know how that goes). I told her I was struggling with period cramps and she recommended that I take a regular dose of blackstrap molasses – one tablespoon a day for 3 months and promised that it would alleviate my menstrual cramps. I remained skeptical because I had tried so many home remedies to no avail. Then, I came across this Youtube video from HeyFranHey talking about the same thing! Curious, I went to the grocery store and looked around for blackstrap molasses….and haven’t looked back since. Goodbye mysterious chemical drugs, hello natural alternative!




The first time I poured out a tablespoon, I was a little sketched out at the texture of the syrup. It reminded me of good ol’ Nin Jiom Pei Pa Kao (a cough syrup I used to take as a kid).

I have to admit I don’t like the taste of molasses but it’s slowly growing on me. I takeĀ 1 tablespoon everyday and drink it with my homemade ginger tea. Not to mention, it’s really helped manage my period cramps this month and alleviate muscle soreness after my workouts. This stuff really works!

Have you discovered natural remedies to any of your ailments (headaches etc)?

Stay true xo


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