Review: Alexa Chung Lash Enhancing Eye Do Eyeliner

I’ve heard so much about the Eyeko eyeliner from Teni Panosian and decided to give it a try after it was recommended to me by a sales rep at Sephora. Here are my thoughts! usethis swatch lipstick2 What it promises (from the Sephora website):

~ precision-tip eyeliner

~ creates the perfect line to subtly accentuate the eye or create a dramatic cat eye

~ stay-put formula, won’t budge even on the waterline

~ glides on over eye shadow

~ features WIDELASH to help eyelashes appear longer, fuller, and stronger with up to three times more volume in just 15 days regular use

What it delivers:

I’ll be honest, I have mixed feelings about this eyeliner.

First, let’s talk about the positives. I like the waterproof formula and the fact that once it’s on, it’s on…for reals. This thing doesn’t budge. I also like the finish of the eyeliner once it is applied – it’s jet-black and matte. Without eyeshadow, this eyeliner works wonders and thick lines it creates actually enhances my eyes.

Here comes the bad news… I find the tip to be really difficult to use. I couldn’t customize a thin line and was forced to draw a much thicker line than what I liked. I also spent way more time on applying my eyeliner than usual. Over eyeshadow, it definitely does not glide on. In fact, I had to pull my eyelids way off to the side as I applied this because I found the formula difficult to work with.

As for the WIDELASH, I didn’t see any improvements in my eyelashes so I’m not sure if this is a gimmick…

Price point: I purchased this at Sephora and it cost CAD$23. It’s about the same price as other comparable eyeliners like the Stila or Kat Von D one.

Overall rating: B

Thoughts: I am mixed on this product. I would not recommend it to an eyeliner newbie or someone who doesn’t like fussing around with eyeliner for too long (like me).  However, with practice, this eyeliner could just do wonders.

What are your favorite kinds of liquid eyeliner?

Stay true xo

updated Oct 5


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