Style Muse: Evelyn ‘Evy’ Carnahan from The Mummy

Welcome back to Style Muse – a new fashion series where I draw on multimedia (movies, tv shows, books) and people (celebrities, friends, fashionable strangers) for fashion inspiration!

This post is an ode to a favorite heroine of mine from the big screen – Evelyn ‘Evy’ Carnahan from The Mummy.

Fair warning: I have always been partial to feisty heroine types and Evy definitely fits the bill. As a child, I was also obsessed with anything Ancient Egyptian and watched this movie a million times. In Grade 10, I wrote a 20 page paper on mummification. Go figure.

rachel weisz librarian outfit


Evelyn ‘Evy’ is played by Rachel Weisz in ‘The Mummy’ (1999). Evy is a spunky and intelligent fashionista – when she’s not busy tearing it up in old Egypt, she’s researching from the comfort of her library. The first picture is her ‘livin’ it up in the library’ look right before she goes off to save Richard O’Connell (played by Brendan Fraser) from his execution .

In the second picture, she adds a hat and a cardigan to visit the prison and bail O’Connell out.

I took the liberty to Polyvore (yes, this is a verb)  it up and recreate Evy’s style and beauty look.

evyusethisEvy’s style is very easy to recreate. In fact, I have similar items in my wardrobe! This is totally a look I would wear if I wanted to channel her bookish yet elegant style. Evy’s color palette is also very fall-appropriate.

My favorite aspect of Evy’s style is the practicality (combat boots, no-nonsense satchel) and effortless mixing of masculine and feminine elements (maxi skirt, menswear-inspired cardigan). This is the stuff of tomboy-princess dreams, people.

evymakeupEvy’s makeup is simple and understated – my favorite! Her skin is flawless with some light finish foundation and coupled with just a hint of bronzer and some warm blush on her cheekbones. Finish it up with a nude matte lip, some mascara and a little bit of kohl liner around the eyes…et voila! You got the Evy look.

Who is your favorite movie hero/ine as a kid?

Stay true! xo


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