Review: The Balm Nude ‘tude Nude Eyeshadow Palette

I have a rule when it comes to reviewing new beauty/skincare products that I loosely adhere to – test it out for 2 weeks, use it for (at least) a month and then, review it.

I like to give products a chance to work their magic and wait for any unintended skin reactions (both positive and negative).

I got the Nude ‘tude palette from The Balm this past summer and am finally ready to give it my honest opinion. Here we go!




Nude ‘tude swatches of eyeshadow

What it promises (from The Balm website):

~ satiny smooth colors

~ can be applied naturally or beautifully layered

~ wide range of colors

~ light highlighters and bold shades work to add definition and emphasis to your lids

What it delivers:

This is a great starter palette for an eye makeup newbie like myself.

The colors are easy to work with and work well together –  it’s simple to choose a lid shade, a crease shade and a highlighter shade. The eyeshadows are a dream to apply and the formula stays all day especially when used with an eye primer like this one from Urban Decay.

The only downside is that there are only 4 matte shades in the palette – the rest are shimmery. If you’re not a big fan of shimmer on your eyes, I would avoid this palette. Personally, I like shimmer on my eyes as I tend to keep it matte everywhere else on my face.

Price point:

I purchased this at wishlist boutique in Kits and it cost CAD$40 (tax included).

As compared to the Naked palettes, this eyeshadow palette is great bang for your buck. You get 12 wonderful eyeshadows and a variety of looks to create.

Overall rating: A       (trying out a new grading system)

Thoughts: I would definitely recommend this product especially if you are an eyeshadow newbie. Or if you just hoard nude eyeshadow palettes. No judgment here.

Examples of Nude ‘tude eyeshadows in action


lid shade: Stubborn crease shade: Sexy highlight shade: Standoffish


highlight shade: Snobby. crease shade: Sultry, lid shade: Selfish

What are your favorite nude eyeshadow palettes? Tell me in the comments!

Stay true xo


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