Style Muse: Gwen Stefani

Welcome back to Style Muse!

This week, I’m drawing inspiration from singer, musician, fashionista and celebrity – Gwen Stefani.

I memorized the lyrics to ‘Don’t Speak’, ‘Hey Baby’ and ‘Hella Good’ as a kid. I still listen to those songs from time to time. No doubt (see what I did there), Gwen Stefani is one of my fashion icons as a 90s gal.

Throughout the years, Gwen’s style has evolved but her core style aspects have endured most notably, the statement red lip and Gwen’s general ‘rock it or leave it’ attitude.


– Quintessential Gwen –

A few weeks ago, I was watching a Lip Sync video on Jimmy Fallon featuring Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani. I felt like a kid again, watching MTV as I witnessed Gwen Stefani rock it out on stage.


Key elements: Glam bomber, luxe sneaks, statement red lip, black eyeliner


Gwen’s quintessential look is very tomboy-chic with the right mix of feminine and masculine elements – my kind of style! I would wear this look to a party or just replace the sequined bomber with a military jacket for more casual wear.

– 90s Gwen –

Bindi non-withstanding (I can’t get behind cultural appropriation), Gwen’s style was very ‘out-there’ in the 1990s especially when compared to other singers in the same era a.k.a saccharine-sweet Britney Spears or dirrrty Christina Aguilera.

But boy, did she rock it!

gwen then

Key elements: knotted hair, blue fur, face jewels


The blue faux fur vest is definitely a statement piece but everything else in this outfit is pretty wearable, especially for a concert.

– Casual Gwen –

Gwen off-duty is still as stylish as Gwen onstage. Behold the evidence below.


Key elements : Polka dots, boyfriend jeans, heels, tote, glasses

casual gwen

I’m pretty sure I’ve rocked a similar ‘Casual Gwen’ look.. this is the most versatile look of all her looks and definitely one that anyone with a similar style could pull off.

What’s your favorite part about  Gwen’s style? Do you prefer her 90s ska punk look or her more casual vibe?

Stay true xo


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