introducing our (fur)baby…Delima!

A week ago today, The Boy and I started  a new chapter in our lives…we became (cat)parents.

Meet Delima, the newest addition to our family!


We initially fostered Delima from the BC SPCA Vancouver branch for a couple of days. Of course, we fell in love with her instantly. We made the adoption official 2 days ago.

Here are 10 things we know about her so far:

  1.  She is a black smoke cat – This means she is not a fully black cat. She has a greyish underbelly and some tufts of white fur on top of her eyes.
  2.  She is a lap cat – she loves being on our laps when we do work, watch TV etc.
  3. She likes being around people – she will seek to interact with us instead of playing alone.
  4.  She is very vocal – she will meow at any given time e.g. when she wants our attention, when she is alone…
  5.  She likes toys that look like mice.
  6.  She is very curious and confident – she shot right out of her carrier when we first brought her home and immediately explored her new surroundings.
  7. She likes sleeping with jazz music on.
  8. She loves to be stroked.
  9. She likes human food (?!) We have to put her in her room when we eat or she won’t stop trying to eat off our plates.
  10. She loves to play and is very intelligent. She figures things out very quickly e.g. how new toys work, what time she gets fed, when we are going out/going to sleep.

deedee2 deedee1 deedee4 deedee6


If you want to keep up with Delima’s adventures, you can follow her on Instagram: delima_decat

I can tell that the Boy and I are going to so much fun being cat parents –  I’m already planning to dress her up for Halloween while I dress up as her (a black cat). Look out folks, cat lady coming through!

Do you have pets? How long have you had your pet and what is your relationship like?

Stay true xo


6 thoughts on “introducing our (fur)baby…Delima!

    • hey hey! Delima is quite energetic when she wants to be – she definitely sleeps a lot since she’s still a kitten but she follows me from room to room, loves to play and prefers human interaction versus being alone. She’s the perfect cat for me 🙂

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