Health & Wellness: What I Do When I Feel Off

Yesterday, I woke up and instantly felt off. I woke up from a nightmare about school – missing classes, feeling too tired to walk to class, getting lost in my search for the classroom *shudder*

This past week, I haven’t been getting the best sleep.  I’ve been so consumed by caring for my new kitty, Delima. I know what you’re thinking…’Really?! A kitten?! It is NOT a real baby!’

Before you judge me for being a crazy cat lady, I think it’s only fair that I preface this by saying that I have had an obsessive, perfectionist streak since I was a child. When I like doing something, I go for it 150% percent and then, I burn out! This has been the story of my life since time immemorial…and the reason why I love so many different things and why I’m always evolving as a person.

Lack of sleep and lack of self-care can only mean one thing for yours truly. Anxiety. Feeling like the world is bringing me down. Feeling like something is missing. Generally feeling off.

I have learned that when I start to feel this way, my body and mind are telling me that I need to start focusing on myself again. Here are some things I do to re-center myself:

Cry– Sometimes, I just cry for no reason. It’s a way I let out stress and pent-up emotions. I am definitely a highly sensitive and empathic person. I feel things very deeply and most of the time, am not able to find a way to express it, especially to others. A good crying session helps remind me that I am not supergirl and I don’t have to pretend to have it together all the time. I just make sure to drink lots of water after!

Eat food I like – This is very important for me because food is my life. I like eating healthy food usually but when I feel a need to re-center myself, I’ll treat myself…  treat yo’ self!!!

Write – Writing helps me a lot. I’ve been writing since age 7 in a journal. Writing helps me vent and organize my thoughts.

Message loved ones – I live far away from family and friends so when I feel off, I send my friends a nice message just to let them know I’m thinking of them. I am a big believer that you receive the energy you give so I try to be as positive as possible when connecting with others.

Try to make sense of things – I had a psychology professor in university tell a class once that women often get more depressed than men because women tend to ruminate over their problems while men distract themselves with activities. Um…OK?! Let’s try to forget the sexism inherent in this ‘teaching’….

I actually find that trying to make sense of my feelings helps me a lot. I don’t want to be somebody who walks around ‘doing things’ to distract myself and unknowingly, spreads around my confusion/pain/loneliness to people I interact with! I know many people who do this and it’s not cool! I try to make sense of things through writing or talking to my partner or friends.

Take my time getting ready – I read this brilliant tip from Karen of Makeup and Beauty Blog. Yesterday, I took my time applying makeup and picking out my clothes before leaving the house for some errands and I felt loads better!

Get out of the house – I find it so difficult to drag my ass out of the house on normal days(homebody right here) …can you imagine how hard it is for me on days I feel off my game? It’s reaaalllyyy difficult. But I try to do it anyway (even if it means a 10 minute walk around my neighborhood) because fresh air and seeing trees does wonders for my brain.

What are some things you do when you feel ‘off’?

Stay true xo


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