Style Muse: Elena De La Vega from The Mask of Zorro

Welcome back to Style Muse! This week, we are going back to a classic movie I loved as a child – The Mask of Zorro!


As I said in a previous Style Muse post featuring Evy from The Mummy, I’m partial to feisty heroine types. It was a no brainer that I fell in love with Elena De La Vega.

I watched this movie so much as a kid and rediscovered it a few weeks ago. I was still captured by the storyline and Catherine Zeta-Jones’s portrayal of Elena De La Vega. (I’m going to try my best to forgive the casting of a Welsh actress in a Latina role.)

My favorite scene is when she fought Zorro in the stables:


Um…sexy much? I wish I could rock a corset and sword fight!

Ok enough of that. Let’s get to the fashion inspiration.

Elena in the marketplace (when she finds out Don Montero might not be her father!)

Elena in the marketplace (when she finds out Don Montero might not be her father!)


Elena in one of the final scenes

Elena’s style is romantic and feminine – very fitting for a lady of her station in the early 1800s New World.

Elena’s makeup is very soft and girly especially in the earlier scenes of the movie like the marketplace scene (pictured above). Interestingly enough, she is rocking a deep red in the final scene (pictured above). Perhaps a symbol of gaining independence from her father/s?

Here is a modern-day take on Elena’s 19th century style:



The base of the outfit is a flowy white blouse that is reminiscent of Elena’s frilly, ladylike blouses. Elena rocks many high-waisted, full-length, puffy A-line skirts in the movie. I don’t think it’s practical to wear a high-waisted full skirt these days (unless you want to, then go for it!) so  I chose deep red jeans as bottoms instead. A pair of black suede booties tie the look together.

For accessories, I chose a flower necklace to symbolize the flower that Elena re-discovers in the marketplace. Her re-discovery of Romneya coulteri ignites an infant memory which leads her to an old secret (I’m not telling what it is for those of you who haven’t seen the movie). Top it off with a simple pair of diamond studs.

Her makeup is very natural with just a hint of color. Very bold brows with  a hint of soft black eyeliner, deep red lipstick and perfectly contoured cheeks.

And BAM! Outfit inspiration from the classic fashions of Elena de la Vega! Have you seen the Zorro movie?

Stay true xo


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