Beauty Finds from Wishlist Boutique

featureimage NOT A SPONSORED POST. I purchased these products with my own moolah and was not coerced to write about this boutique in any way. 🙂

A few weeks ago, I realized I had to replace my grubby old concealer, lipbalm and my expired shampoo and conditioner (who knew this stuff expired?!). This called for a shopping trip!

I visited my favorite lil’ beauty boutique in Kitsilano, Wishlist boutique, which focuses on natural and organic makeup and beauty brands. I’ve been trying to slowly make the switch over to organic beauty brands because of my sensitive skin and dry eyes (yea all the fun right here) so this boutique is the perfect place to start. Plus, I always feel good about supporting a small business versus a corporate entity like Sephora (I won’t lie though…I have an embarrassing number of Beauty Insider points 😉 )

I like shopping at Wishlist because it’s a small store which means I can always get help if I wanted it. Every time I go in, the folks have always been very helpful. They also offer frequent Groupons (I love me some deals!). Best of all, they are right in my neighborhood – only a couple of bus stops away so I don’t have to commute too much for my beauty fix. 🙂

Onto the finds!

concealer and lipbalm

ILIA concealer in Ginseng – This is a new product from ILIA, a natural beauty brand, which launched FALL 2014. I mix this concealer with some moisturizer and apply it with a stippling brush all over my face for flawless skin.  Full review coming soon!

Chocolate Orange lip balm – This lip balm is great for me to bring around in my purse. Bonus: It literally smells like chocolate orange!


John Masters Organics Honey and Hibiscus shampoo & reconstructor – I’ve only used this shampoo/conditioner combo a couple of times but I love it already. Full review coming soon!

Principessa Dry Shampoo – I love this product and am almost out so I decided to get more. Full review here.


Voluspa mini candles in ‘Goji Tarocco Orange’ and ‘Santiago Huckleberry’ – DROP EVERYTHING AND GET THESE. They smell freakin divine. These candles burn clean which means there are no weird chemicals lingering the air. My sensitive skin and my cat thanks me!

If you’re interested in any of these product reviews, let me know in the comments!

 stay true xo


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