Style Muse: Felicity Smoak from Arrow

It’s time for another Style Muse post and today, we’ll be looking at the stylings of my current girl crush on TV…Felicity Smoak because…this:


and this:

felicity1 season303

Here are the reasons I love Felicity Smoak from Arrow and want her to be my forever friend if I lived in the DC Universe.

1. She is always always stylin.

2. She makes four-eyed ‘freaks’ like myself look covetable. And feel better having been called ‘four-eyed freak’ at some point in our younger lives.

3. She rocks pink lipstick all day errday.

4. She is super intelligent and quirky. (Girl….be my friend already!)

5. She is the most bad-ass out of the whole Arrow team and the only reason I keep watching the show.

Felicity’s style has a distinct retro, feminine vibe. She is unafraid of wearing color and mixes different colors/prints with finesse.

Her style is very wearable especially for those of us who do not shy away from color or women who wear glasses and think we look like undesirable nerds…Felicity to the rescue!

Boardroom Felicity (a.k.a Kicking Ass while Looking Fly)


Felicity’s professional board room look is inspired by this scene (pictured above) where she is listening to Smo-liver Queen complain yet again about why his life is SO HARD as he tries to juggle his role as vigilante Arrow and winning over control of his parents’ corporation. Right…*eye roll*


Felicity’s style takes the cake on this professional look that doesn’t look very professional (whoa boobies) but hey. Whatever floats your boat (or boobs). Plus, she look super fly.


Outfit elements:

A sexy purple dress to remind ‘the Boss’ you can do much better but you’re sticking around because you believe in his ’cause’ (and his butt)

+ black heels, black handbag, awesome plastic frame glasses, simple black earrings and killer pink lipstick

Felicity Style Tip: You can still wear color in an office environment. Choose a darker color (purple instead of yellow) and pair it with the eternally professional color – black.

Powerhouse Felicity (a.k.a Imma Cut You if You Stalk Me)felicitybrandruth

Damn girl. You wearing orange and turquoise? With bright pink lips?

I don’t think I have the guts to pull off this very bright and colorful outfit but I love this look on Felicity. In the scene pictured above, she is giving the new CEO of Queen Consolidated (is that you, Superman?!) a piece of her mind. You go, girl!


Outfit elements:

A very orange dress to remind your stalker who’s boss

+  strappy orange heels, glasses, turquoise Mini Mac, turquoise and gold jewelry

Felicity Style Tip: The key to looking polished while wearing super bright colors is to limit your color palette to two colors. Wearing delicate jewelry also help tone down the outfit.

Friend-Date Felicity (a.k.a #felicitysmoakandbarryallenforever)


Felicity, please jump off the Arrow bandwagon and get with Barry Allen. Barry Allen is cute. He is intelligent. He has perfectly coiffed hair. He wears nerdy yet trendy outfits like you do. He can run like lightning to save you from any sort of danger. He actually has superpowers…unlike Arrow. Girl!! Get with that already!


My favorite Felicity look of all – the blue crop-top and midi skirt combo seen in ‘The Flash’.

This look is simple to recreate and might something I actually want to recreate come springtime.

Felicity Style Tip: Showing a little skin can be sexy yet friend-date appropriate. Mini bags are also sexy and practical.

That’s it peeps. Did you enjoy this week’s Style Muse post? Which is your favorite Felicity Smoak look? I had a lot of fun recreating these looks!

stay true xo 


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