Review: BITE Beauty Line and Define Lip Primer

Hello all and TGIF! Today, I offer you another product review. This week, I’ll be spotlighting the BITE Beauty Line and Define Lip Primer. Lets go!

lipliner2 lipliner1

Disclaimer: I am obsessed with lip products. In my humble makeup collection, I have way more lipsticks/lip liners/lip blams/ lip treatments than anything else…. oops! 🙂

Like I’ve said in previous reviews, I like to give cosmetics a fair chance. I try them out for a couple of months and then, give an honest review. I’ve had this product for a little over a season now.

What it promises (from the Sephora website):

~ 100 percent natural: ingredients include lauroyl lysine, silica, resveratrol, jojoba oil, argan oil, mint

~ silky, weightless primer

~ naturally nourish lips

~ retain long-term color

~ prevent feathering

~ condition and smooth

~ plumps for naturally sumptuous lips

What it delivers:

This product promises A LOT. On the tube, it says 99% natural but on the website, it says 100% natural. Methinks someone isn’t taking math seriously enough or just covering their ass with the whole ‘we can’t say 100% so let’s say 99% to be safe’ shtick.

Either way, BITE markets themselves as a natural and organic brand which specializes in lip products. They promise that their lippies are safe enough to eat!

I apply this primer on my lips after I exfoliate and before applying any lip color. It is definitely silky and weightless. It is pretty much colorless though there is a slight grey tinge on my naturally dark lips. I wouldn’t say it nourishes my lips but I have very dry lips. I also do not see any plumping effects. As far as retaining color and preventing feathering, this does the job. With this on, I notice that my lip color lasts anywhere between 4-5 hours or longer.

Price point: At CAD $25 per tube, this product can be compared to the prices of other high-end lipsticks. Pros are that you can use it under any lip color you like as it is pretty much colorless.

Rating: B +

Final thoughts: B+ for doing the job (i.e. preventing feathering, long-lasting color) but I would be more satisfied with this product if it was colored. Depositing something colorless on my lips makes me feel jipped like I bought an invisible product. Emperor’s New Clothes anyone?!

Buy it if you are a lippie junkie like me. And if you are a sucker for anything that says organic/natural and promises you can save the world and your body in one little tube.

stay true xo


4 thoughts on “Review: BITE Beauty Line and Define Lip Primer

    • yup! I love using it under my current favorite lipstick – NARS Audacious lipstick in ‘Fanny’.

  1. anything with natural ingredients, i’d definitely love to try 😀 never knew there was a lip primer out there! thanks for the review syah 😉

    • give it a try! It definitely does the job 🙂 I love using it with bright colors especially or if I know I’m going to eat with lipstick on.

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