What a Colorful World : Navy + Berry


Hi there and welcome to my new blog series called ‘What a Colorful World’.

‘What a Colorful World’ is a series where I talk about colors – the color wheel, color psychology and styling ideas with different colors ! I am inspired by many things when it comes to fashion/beauty and the use of colors is fundamental to my philosophy.

For the first post of this series, I will be sharing a color combination I have been gravitating towards this season…navy and berry.

Color wheel


The color wheel and terms photo above, is sorted within Interior Home and published at 2013-12-24 05:56:31 by pithu7.

Navy and berry are cool, analogous colors which mean that they are next to one another on the color wheel.

Color psychology

Navy is a dark blue. Blue is a primary color. Navy has been associated with consciousness, intellect and masculinity among other things (source) When I look at navy colors, I am reminded of a still lake at night reflecting the light of the moon. As such, navy is a calm, peaceful color to me.

Berry (or magenta) is a tertiary color that sits between red and violet. Berry has been associated with harmony and balance (source). This is one of my favorite colors! I feel very me when I wear this color. When I look at berry colors, I feel energized.

Navy + berry create a very balanced color palette for me – berry brings a fun and energetic vibe which navy balances out with its calmer, moodier tone.

Styling ideas


Perfect for: A stroll in the park by yourself with a book in hand or a casual date

I have similar items in my wardrobe from the picture above. I have also worn this outfit once or twice already this season. I love how feminine this outfit feels. I like the flowy tulle skirt paired with the cosy sweater. I use my trusty black combat boots to balance the femininity of the skirt and keep accessories to a minimum to balance out the strong makeup colors. Top it off with a simple wristlet and you got yourself a balanced and stylish ensemble.


Perfect for: Running errands, going to school, a rainy weekday, super casual weekend

This is another outfit I’ve worn many times this season. Pair basic dark-blue skinnies with a berry sweater up top for the base of this look. I have a green parka in my closet which I put over top to keep warm. I keep my accessories to practical blue gloves and a blue knit scarf. Put on some black boots, umbrella and glasses, throw on your backpack and you’re ready for running errands. I like wearing some berry lipstick to make me feel more put-together. 🙂


Perfect for: Girls’ night out, a date or dancing, drinks and dinner!

This is a fun look – a berry dress with black tights under a blue coat to keep warm. Blue heels, a simple pair of blue earrings and a blue clutch complete the outfit. Top it off with a dark blue smoky eye and nude lipstick and you’re ready to party.

What do you think of the navy and berry combinations? Do you like these colors? Would you wear them this season?

stay true xo


4 thoughts on “What a Colorful World : Navy + Berry

    • They do look lovely! I stumbled upon the color combination recently when I was wearing my navy tulle skirt with my berry lipstick from NARS. In fact, I styled the look according to the clothes I currently own in my closet (except for the Night Out look). Let me know how it goes for you if you end up wearing these colors. Thanks so much for reading xo

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