Book Haul!

I love books. When I was a kid, I would often daydream about having a huge library like Belle in ‘Beauty and the Beast’.




If I can’t have the above, I’ll settle for singing on a ladder that moves along a bookcase.


source: insaniescreed from tumblr

I recently bought a couple of books that I can hoard add to my collection. I got these books from used bookstores around Vancouver because I was too lazy to go to Chapters and because corporations are evil (though I think their ‘points card’ scheme is genius)

The books I got recently are so exciting even Delima couldn’t resist getting in on the action.


Delima (almost 4 months old now) checking out the old-new books


Did someone say ‘books’?


Lords and Ladies by Terry Pratchett from Y’s Books on Main St.

I found this in the ‘Fantasy’ section while looking for Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson. I’ve read lots of Pratchett books in the past and enjoyed his sense of humor so I bought this. It was only $2.50!


Dark Matter by Phillip Kerr from Y’s Books on Main St.

Found in the ‘Thriller/Mystery’ section for $4. The side of this book has red and beige stripes which caught my eye (yup, I judge books by their cover). I haven’t read a mystery in a while so this should be interesting.


Crytonomicon by Neal Stephenson from Pulp Fiction books on Broadway and McDonald

I was looking for Stephenson’s Snow Crash but the bookstores I went to didn’t have any copies so I settled for this one. This is one thick, heavy book! I got through the first 30 pages or so but was so overwhelmed with all the coding/mathematics language that I decided to put it aside for now and focus on the other two. Let’s hope I can get back to this because it got such good reviews on Goodreads.

What you reading right now?

stay true peepsqueaks xo


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