Review: NARS Audacious Lipstick in ‘Fanny’

It was a cold sunny day in the fall. I woke up one morning with a voice in my head and one, solitary idea. ‘Pink lipstick’, the voice whispered. ‘You need it in your life.’

A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. Sometimes, that means going on a quest to find the perfect pink lipstick to recreate the glasses & lipstick look a la Felicity Smoak. With a little help from a magical beauty sorceress (holla Karen from MakeupandBeautyBlog), I finally settled on the NARS Audacious Lipstick in the color ‘Fanny’. Here are my field notes.



When I went to Sephora to complete my quest, I was undecided between ‘Fanny’ and ‘Janet’. A fellow lady in the court was kind enough to help me. She was wearing NARS ‘Charlotte’ (an oxblood burgundy) and picked out ‘Fanny’ and ‘Janet’ without any input from me. After swatching both colors, we decided to try ‘Janet’ on my lips.

She applied it along with the NARS lip liner in ‘Sangria’, the BITE Beauty lip primer and a lip brush. It looked beautiful on my lips.


When I asked her what color she applied so I could purchase it, she turned over the tube and said ‘Fanny’. I had been tricked! I thought I was wearing ‘Janet’ but ‘Fanny’ had somehow sneaked into the mix. Since I had already fallen in love with ‘Fanny’, I decided to just go with it.

A note on the color: ‘Fanny’ is described as a ‘rich berry’ on the Sephora website. Karen describes it as a ‘warm-toned berry’. For those unlearned in the ways of the Force, ‘Fanny’ will trick you into thinking it’s a red but it’s actually a lovely deep berry-pink.

What it promises (from the Sephora website):

~  bold coverage

~ ultra soft texture

~ weightless, color-saturated lips

~ glides on like satin across skin

~ single-stroke coverage that leaves lips with captivating color

What it delivers:

You need very little of this lip color to make it work *Tim Gunn voice*. I apply it with a lip brush and a primer underneath (this one I reviewed last week).

The coverage of one layer is very bold. Even with 2 layers on, I feel like I’m not wearing anything on my lips. The formula is soft, not sticky but still manages to be slightly moisturizing.

This color lasts for 3-4 hours on me and fades into a stain. I touch it up with just a sweep from the tube.

Price point: At CAD $37, this lipstick is definitely pricey. I texted my little sister after getting it at Sephora in an attempt to quell my anxiety at purchasing such an expensive lip product. When I got home, I slowly opened the packaging, saved the box and carefully examined the lip product.

I’ve used this lipstick a whole bunch since getting it. It’s been my go-to lip color this past month and as far as I can predict, for the next season or two. I would say it’s worth its price for the amount you need to use, the amazing formula and the fact that lipstick lasts up to 3 years. (these are all rationalizations I told myself).


swatch on the back of my hand


left: no lipstick, right: with 2 layers of Nars Audacious in ‘Fanny’


NARS ‘Fanny’ in action

Rating: A+

Final thoughts: If you are looking for a bold pink color with long-lasting formula that doesn’t settle into fine lines and is slightly moisturizing, this is your best bet. Also, a good bet if like me, that ‘just right’ lip color makes you feel good sexy confident ready to behead a dragon. Fork over the $40, cry about it and then heed some sage advice:


stay true y’all xo


18 thoughts on “Review: NARS Audacious Lipstick in ‘Fanny’

    • thanks Arielle! I love it too! Do you have a favorite lipstick color you gravitate towards? 🙂

      • I love mauvy nudes too! Do you have a recommendation for one with a moisturizing formula? I have NARS Walkyrie which is a great color for me but it’s too drying. I need to Google Gerard Cosmetics! this is on my to-do list now. 🙂 xo thanks again for reading.

      • Yeah I have the same problem. I usually put a lot of lip balm underneath since most of matte lipsticks are drying. But I usually go for creamy and not pure matte and then I put a tissue on my lips and dab some setting powder on and it does a matte effect!

      • That’s what I do too…I use lip balm over the matte lipstick to give it a moisturizing tint 🙂

    • thanks so much for reading 🙂 I love the shade! do you gravitate towards any particular lip colors? I like the color you rocked in your ‘face of the day’ post recently.

    • thanks so much! I love the color on me too…it’s a very ‘me’ color. I think I might have found ‘the one lipstick to rule them all’ hehe! do you have a favorite lipstick atm? 🙂 xo

    • thanks Eea! I love the color too…been using it non-stop. I think my other lipsticks might be getting jealous. 😛

    • yes they are! I have dry and chapped lips in the winter but NARS lipsticks don’t dry out my lips! xo

    • Oh my…so true! Sometimes I think my mind is possessed by a shopaholic demon that keeps telling me I need new things 😛

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