Earwigs: Lenny Kravitz ‘Strut’

Fall 2014 has been pretty eventful with new music coming out from legendary artists.

Prince came out with a new album which I’ve been listening to non-stop. Last week, I discovered that Lenny Kravitz came out with a new album as well! I’m not sure how I missed Kravtiz’z album release (it was back in September!) but I’m glad I’m found it.

My favorite track from his new album is ‘The Chamber’. There’s something about the chorus that reminds me of 80s dance music and makes me wanna dance from side to side with legwarmers on.

Of course, the music video does not feature 80s legwarmers…but there are a lot of legs (hurhur).

Lenny (can I call him Lenny?) has amazing style so you best believe a ‘Style Muse’ post is coming up on Thursday with a spotlight on Mr. Kravitz.

stay true and have a great Tuesday everyone! xo


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