How To: Grow Healthy Hair

It seems I’m on a ‘How To’ roll this week. Today, I’ll be sharing my top tips on how to grow healthy hair. I don’t believe in growing hair out faster but I do believe in growing healthy hair.

I’ve been doing lots of research on how to take care of my hair now that’s it’s longer and there’s so much out there. I’ve taken the liberty to sift through and share what works for me. Enjoy!


My hair has grown 6 inches over the past (nearly) 12 months. This is with regular visits to my hairstylist. 0.5 inches per month is the normal growth rate of healthy hair so it’s nice to know I’m on track.


December 2013



October 2014


  • Understand your hair

For the longest time, I didn’t understand my hair and what it needed. Taking the time to understand your hair will save you time and money spent on experimenting with new products!

My hair changes texture according to the season and humidity levels. It gets super wavy when it’s humid out (holla Singapore!) and straightens out with a little flippy action at the bottom when it’s dry. In the winter, my scalp tends to get dry and itchy.

Generally, the texture of my hair is pretty coarse. I also have a thick head of hair. My natural hair color is a dark brown – noticeable enough not to be black.

  • ALWAYS use heat protectant! 

Right now, I ‘m finishing up my Tresemme Thermal Creations heat protectant spray. I like this stuff but am on the lookout for a more natural version.

  • Use the ‘cold’ setting of the hairdryer. 

I like to let my hair air dry as much as possible but sometimes when I really need to get out the door, I blast my hair with the ‘cool’ setting.

  • Go for regular hair cuts. 

10547593_10201513144429369_1225225247495488930_nI get my hair trimmed every 10 weeks now to maintain the length. My trusted hairstylist is Beth from Textura Salon. She understands my hair and always does a full consultation before doing anything to it.

  • Invest in a great shampoo/conditioner combo 


I am really loving this combo from John Master Organics (review up on Friday). Investing in a shampoo/conditioner that works for you (pricey or not) will go a long way to growing and maintaining healthy hair.

note: shampoo/conditioners expire!

I’ve read that shampoos and conditioners last anywhere from 1 -2 years. As a general rule, if your shampoo and conditioner lists many organic ingredients versus synthetic chemicals, throw it out after a year of use.

  • Less fussing around = healthier hair

Simplifying your hair routine can really help keep your hair healthy. I like to air-dry as much as possible and keep my heat styling to a minimum.

  • Eat foods that are good for your hair. 

Eating a balanced diet is the best thing you can do for your hair. This means adding more protein, healthy fats and fresh veggies and taking out fried foods, too much sweets and processed foods. Your hair, your body and your soul will thank you!


I’ve learned so many tips from Tati of glamlifeguru. Here are some of my favorites (not all are mentioned in the video above):

  • Put dry shampoo on your hair before you work out.

I like using my Principessa dry shampoo because it’s a powder. Aerosols make my hair greasy.


Principessa dry shampoo in ‘Notte Breeze’

  • Don’t over wash your hair

Overwashing your hair can strip the natural oils in your scalp. I used to wash my hair daily and now, I only do it every 4th day. My hair has really thanked me and my scalp is less itchy.

  • Deep conditioning is key

Tati uses a blend of coconut oi land argan oil once a week. My conditioner is a super intensive treatment and since I only wash my hair every few days, it works as a deep conditioning treatment too.

How To Curl Your Hair with A Clamp Curling Iron

how to crul hair


I found this great step-by-step tutorial from Amanda of advicefromatwentysomething.

This post was a lifesaver for me – I was tearing my hair out (not literally) trying to figure out how to work my curling iron and questioning the meaning of life while doing so.

DIYs to try

Alcohol-free Hairspray 



I’m looking for a cruelty-free, non-BDS, fragrance-free, natural hairspray…I might as well be hunting for a unicorn in the woods. I’m going to try out this recipe soon and see how it works!

Do you have any tips to grow healthy hair? Share them in the comments below! 

stay true bootiful xo 


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