Style Muse: Lenny Kravitz

Hello all and welcome back to Style Muse. Today, I’ll be drawing inspiration from musician, celebrity, interior designer and artist Lenny Kravitz. Lenny Kravitz is one cool cat.The thing that inspires me most about Lenny is his creativity…from music to interior design to fashion, this man is inspired! I find that creative people (myself included) often experience ‘creativity spillage’ into several areas- unlimited by the arbitrary boundaries of different fields or disciplines.

I like to imagine that Lenny’s closet (at least the one in Paris..yes, he has two homes) is full of reflective aviators and silver chain necklaces. I created three different Lenny-inspired looks below. Enjoy!

P.S. You can listen to one of his songs while you read this post.

Casual Lenny 


Perfect for: Going to the recording studio or just reading a book in a cafe

Pair medium or dark wash jeans with a graphic t-shirt. I chose a pink one because I like the color pink and it’s similar enough to the red one he’s wearing in the picture. Top it off with a beanie in the similar color family (in this case, a rose colored one). Wear some black ankle booties to keep the look casual and carry a contrasting white tote bag. Don’t forget the silver chain and aviators!

Style Tip: Up your casual game by wearing dark wash jeans with a t-shirt.

Rockin’ Out


Perfect for: Concerts or days you wanna rock a leather jacket

Pair light wash jeans with a black leather jacket. Wear black booties with gold detailing to match your gold earrings. The silver chain necklace matches with the silver clutch while the reflective gold aviators match the gold hoops.

Style Tip: Downplay the toughness of the leather jacket with light wash jeans.

All Dressed Up


Lenny Kravitz in the Wendy Williams Show


Perfect for: A fancy dinner date or if you’re dressing to impress

This is my favorite outfit of his and makes me wanna run out to get some leather pants, a silver blazer and gold oxfords. Seriously. Can this man do no wrong when it comes to mixing fabrics and metals?!

Style Tip: The key to mixing gold and silver is to do so in the accessories (shoes, jewelry, bag) versus the clothes themselves.  Keep the clothes basic i.e. black pants and a white t-shirt.

Who is your favorite musician and why? Do you like their style too?

stay true rockers xo


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