Review: John Masters Organics Honey and Hibiscus Hair Reconstructing Shampoo & Hair Reconstructor

I made a deal with the devil. This deal consists of me forking over my hard-earned cash for healthy, shiny. manageable locks.

Today, I’ll be reviewing not one, but two hair products. Spotlight on the John Masters Organics (JMO) Honey and Hibiscus Hair Reconstructing Shampoo and Hair Reconstructor!



What it promises (from the John Masters Organics website):

Honey and Hibiscus Hair Reconstructing Shampoo

~ renew and reconstruct damaged hair with the same acids (linolenic and hyaluronic acids) found in young hair

~ fortifies and strengthens with each wash

~ sodium lauryl sulfate- free

Honey and Hibiscus Hair Reconstructor 

~ super intense conditioning

~ revitalizes and restores dry, damaged, color-treated or permed hair

What it delivers:

The first thing I notice about this shampoo/conditioner duo is the fact that they are tiny as compared to regular shampoo/conditioners. Whoever came up with the saying ‘good things comes in small packages’ must have been thinking about these two products because if good = I-NEED-IT-IN-MY-LIFE-FOREVER and small = WHY-DID-I-BUY-THIS-IT’S-FKN-EXPENSIVE, then these two have hit the nail in the head.

The packaging: It’s clean. It’s luxe. The first time I used these babies, I was so excited to take a shower and wash my hair…which is very uncharacteristic of me as I was a cat in a past life and hate water.

The shampoo: Since I only apply shampoo to my scalp, I thought that a little squeeze of this product would do the trick. However, I had to use about a teaspoon full of this product to get it to produce any suds. After some research, I realized that the ‘sodium lauryl sulfate-free‘ part of the shampoo makes it less sudsy as SLS is used as an effective foaming agent. SLS is also responsible for eye irritation, scalp irritation, split and fuzzy hair in some cases. Now that I know this, I can cut down the use of the shampoo to half a teaspoonful and just be content with the less suds part.

The reconstructor: A fancy word for conditioner. This can also be used a treatment as it’s pretty intense. I only wash my hair once to twice a week so I use this as my regular conditioner. I apply this from root to tip – about a teaspoon and a half full. I’m sure I’m not meant to use that much product but I just love this conditioner PLUS I have thick hair…so yea. Don’t judge. I comb it through with a wide toothed comb and let it sit in a jaw clip for a few minutes.

The results: I’ve used this thrice now over the past two weeks and noticed a huge difference from the first use to the third use. Before using this dynamic duo, my hair would look dry at the ends and frizzy at the top. I had to apply two drops of argan oil to get it to behave and infuse shine.

Now, my hair air dries into a shiny, frizz-free mess of gorgeous locks. The color-treated parts also looks more vibrant. I don’t feel a need to apply argan oil anymore. Not to mention the softness of my hair…pure bliss. (I promise this is not a sponsored post)

This type of witch magic is achieved by adding in the secret ingredient –  virgin hair stolen from young maidens. I kid, I kid.  According to the website, linolenic and hyaluronic acids are in these two products and responsible for the re-hydration and revitalization of my color-treated, dry, frizzy hair. Linolenic acid is a type of fatty acid commonly found in vegetable oils while hyaluronic acid is a naturally occuring substance in the human body, most abundant in the eyes and joint. Hyaluronic acid helps lubricate joints and tissue to help repair the body.

The scent: Before purchasing these products, I read several reviews online which said that the scent of these products were offputting. However, something about the scent remind me of my childhood growing up in South East Asia. I get distinct memories of my grandmother getting ready at her dressing table and of morning showers in my granduncle’s home in Malaysia. I realize now that the scent of the hibiscus flower is common where I grew up which might explain my reminiscences. For this completely sentimental reason alone, I would repurchase this shampoo/conditioner combo.

Price point: The shampoo is 60z for CAD$33 and conditiojner is 4oz for CAD$35. Pricey little devils!

I went onto the JMO website and it said that it’s best to use their products within 6-8 months of opening due to the organic nature of their items. I only wash my hair every 4 days which amount to once or twice a week so I am able to justify (to myself and to anyone else who asks) the price of investing in these two products. Plus, I’m growing out my hair and don’t want a rat’s nest on my head. Vancouver’s sometimes dry, sometimes humid, always rainy weather = rat’s nest on Syah’s head.

Rating: A (no ‘+’ for the price)

Final thoughts: This little gem is a pricey lil devil. But if a deal with the devil means I get shiny, healthy locks and I get to relive my childhood memories every week, I’m game.

stay true folks xo


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