Currently Coveting: Cat Edition

Happy Monday y’all!

I’ve had my little kitten, Delima, for a little over a month now and y’all….I’M IN LOVE. Honestly. I have never felt a bond so strong with an animal before 🙂

Like any good cat mom or cat lady, I’ve been keeping my eye out for things to spoil my cat (and myself) with.

Delima is already beginning to accumulate quite a bowtie collection and has her very own paw print plaque up on the wall. I know y’all….I know. It’s a little excessive. But she really is my furbaby. I love her so much and she’s the first thing I look forward to seeing in the morning (after my partner of course). What can I say? I’ve officially joined the cat lady club.


1. Kitty Mansion / 2. Kitty Cot / 3. Designer Litter Box / 4. Cat Maze / 5. Cat Bed

Would you just look at that kitty playhouse?! Can I please turn into a cat and play with my cat in it?

I doubt I will every buy such a huge playhouse for my kitty but some kind of cat tree would be nice especially in the new house. I’m also eyeing that litter box – such a great alternative to the plastic ones!


1. Crop Top / 2. Earrings/ 3. Mugs/ 4. IPad case / 5. Custom Pin / 6. Bookends

I’m particularly eyeing the book ends and the crop top. So cute! Squee.

Do any of you have cats? What are some items you spoil your cat with?

stay true cat lovers xo


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