What a Colorful World: Dressing for Your Aura

aura feature imageI recently read an interesting article on dressing for your aura on Refinery 29 and was instantly inspired to find out what my aura colors are and come up with this post.

An aura can be defined as ‘a distinctive and pervasive quality or character, air, atmosphere:‘ (source) I like to think of auras as the energy, vibes or life force that people and things emanate.

I consider myself both spiritual and religious. To some who share a similar background, the thought of looking into auras might be seen as hokey at best and at worst, as heretic. However, I always think there is some worth in new perspectives especially in the search for knowledge and self-awareness. And if all that fails….hey! Quizzes are always fun!

I took several aura tests online but found too many different answers. This one from Dr. Oz (go figure) seems to be the most comprehensive and (freakily) accurate.  Otherwise, this one is a shorter and pretty accurate version too.

According to the Dr. Oz version, everyone is a mixture of different colors but most people have two dominant colors. I discovered that my aura was Blue-Violet with very strong Yellow and a Red overlay. 

(Blue and violet tied at 3 yes, Yellow at a 2.5 yes and a yes on the Red overlay questions)

What does my aura mean? 

Blue – This type of person is all about love and nurturing. Their priorities include love, relationships, and spirituality. They most often work as teachers, nurses, or counselors. (source)

Violet – These people have a strong desire to change the world. They are leaders. They also love music and time alone and like to stay connected to the environment. (source)

Yellow – This type of person is a big kid at heart with a great sense of humor. They often can’t sit still and are usually creative and love to laugh. Yellow aura types are the healthiest people on the planet. (source)

Red overlay–  Enthusiastic and energetic individuals, forever on the lookout for new adventures. Red Aura people are quick to anger. They are generous with their time and energy when called upon for help. They are open and upfront – what you see is what you get. Their competitive nature and need to succeed will drive them towards great success in life.  (source)

The test was freaky accurate with how I self-identify especially with the nurturing,spiritual nature of blue, the visionary aspect of violet and the humorous, creative side of yellow.

As far as red goes, I am definitely pretty upfront and unafraid to say what I think (which has created many awkward/tense situations in my life ).  I am also quick to anger and highly competitive…though I am learning to quell these down for better mental health.

Color wheel


Color types and relationships 

  • Blue, yellow and red is a triad. They are also the primary colors.
  • Blue and violet are analogous.
  • Blue and red are complementary, as is violet and yellow.
  • Red, blue and violet  are tertiary colors.

Styling ideas

These colors make a great combination for dressing and fashion!

Here are three ideas for those of you with a similar aura color as me.

Super Casual

c600x554Perfect for: hanging out with friends or a casual date to the movies



Perfect for: A fancy dinner date or a party

All Dressed Up



Perfect for: An engagement party or a fancy dinner invitation

What are your aura colors? Would you wear your aura colors?

stay true fashionistas xo 


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