Badass Buddy: Kimmortal (Kim Villagante)

Today, I am launching a new series called ‘Badass Buddy’ where I sit my friends down and talk to them about their creative inspirations, projects and overall badass-ery.

I got the idea for this series when I was scrolling through my Facebook feed and it hit me like lightning!  I am so privileged to know many amazing, creative, passionate go-getters so I decided to spotlight them right here on my blog.

(note: the title of this series was inspired by Elizabeth Bank’s hilarious YT series ‘Ask A Badass’)

badass: Kimmortal a.k.a Kim Villagante, musician, rapper, poet, visual artist

Kim has been a good friend of mine for the past 4 years.  I have enormous respect for Kim (a.k.a Kimmortal ). She does work in spoken word, rap-poetry, and visual art. Recently, she had a debut role acting in front of audiences for the hip-hop theatre production “Sal Capone” written by Omari Newton.


After a highly successful crowd funding campaign, Kim is currently working on her debut album “Sincerity”, an acoustic-indie-folk-soul-rap fusion featuring songs she’s written over the past 6 years. The album is set to be released this Friday, Nov 28. Download it on

Listen to Kim’s single ‘I’m Not Sorry’ from her new album ‘Sincerity’:

I  emailed Kim some questions and here’s what Kim had to say…

On creativity….

I do consider myself to be creative cos I’m always seeking out opportunity to push my art to the next level. We’re each containers of everything that inspires us so I’m looking to manifest what’s inside into great projects. I’m trying to find an innovative way to bring my visual art into my performance art and vice versa.

Kim's doodle on 'adobe sketch' (IG photo, August 4th 2014)

Kim’s doodle on app ‘Adobe Sketch’ on the bus (IG photo, August 4th 2014)

On creative inspirations…

Currently my creative inspirations are Shantell Martin who basically draws on everything including her clothes and walls and pots and chairs. I love lines on white paper or white fabric. I love patterns. I’m really into the fashion label KTZ (, but damn it’s outta my price range. I’m inspired by Kendrick Lamar’s recent performance of “i” on Saturday night live. He blows me away and takes performance to another level. He’s saying something important in this song, at least my interpretation of the song’s message is being defiant through self-love in the face of the racist systems many black youth are confronted with ie. Ferguson #handsupdontshoot.



On looking fly ….

I love the fall season so this is definitely an occasion to dress up for. I’m wearing a lot of black and white in layers. I’m trying to give respect to fashion and the clothes i put on my body cos it’s definitely an art form to find yourself in. I wanna love what i’m wearing as opposed to just throwing whatever on and going. There’s awesome possibilities in clothes. Being deliberately creative in my art as a performer means paying attention to what I put on my body… it’s not solely just vocals and performance skill.

On what a cartoon character of herself would wear….*

I think my character would be easily distinguishable with a red toque, oversized white shirt with some graphic on it, black pants, cool kicks. Perhaps. Like a hip hop Filipina Spinelli.

*giving credit where credit is due: this question was taken from ‘Hang Time with Jenn Im’ (a fabulous video series) 


Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 4.56.50 PM

Nugget of knowledge… 

It’s really helpful to talk to people about your creative plans. Share your thoughts and opinions about art/music/fashion/whatever. The arts is a vast interconnected network. Find those connections across genres. I also think people should stop saying “I’m sorry”… Don’t waste time waiting for the “right time, or asking for approval and validation. Just put your head down and do your fucking art and believe in it cos it’s worth it. Enjoy that alone time. Give it respect by dedicating TIME to it. Learn about yourself in it, seek growth in it. I’m realizing more and more that discipline/focus is necessary in this journey I’m on as an artist and performer.

kimmortal featuring othersFind Kim on her website, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. Follow Kim on Insta @kimmortalfire.

stay true xo


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