Flashback and Look Forward: Fall 2014

Another season has come and gone…the winter solstice is 2 weeks away which means it’s time to reflect on what has happened and what will come to be.


Things I’m proud of this fall:

  • Adopting Delima and being a new (cat) mom
  • Starting regular exercise again
  • Getting back into reading

Things to improve on:

  • Keeping finances in check
  • Drinking more water!
  • Getting more fresh air (I’m such a homebody and with winter coming, it’s really difficult for me to get out of the house)

Things to look forward to in winter:

  • Celebrating a relationship milestone with The Boy
  • Winter outfits and photo shoots in the snow
  • Going into Phase 2 of our home renovation

My favorite memories from fall 2014 center around spending time at home – chilling out with Delima on my lap, watching movies with The Boy and reading a good book with a cup of tea (and some chocolate).

This fall was filled with change and reflections about change. The Boy and I celebrated his birthday, our 6 year anniversary of being together and we started Phase 1 of our home renovation.

I started to work on the quality, quantity and content of this blog with daily posts and original content. I launched four new blog series – Style Muse, What a Colorful WorldBadass Buddy and How To. I also reached 100+ followers this fall. I am looking forward to further expanding my blog  in the winter and next year. 🙂

What are your favorite memories from this past fall ?

stay true xo


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