Who, What, Wear: Black on Brown

I get moody a lot. Sunday was one of those days. I was reaching for my trusty ‘leggings and oversized sweater’ combo when I saw my leather skirt. I decided to challenge myself and put together a new outfit although I was feeling low.

DSC01898 DSC01899 usethis usethis2 usethis3


  • BLACK LEATHER JACKET: long time closet resident
  • SWEATER: thrifted
  • SCARF: gifted
  • LEATHER SKIRT: Barefoot Contessa
  • BROWN LEATHER KNEE HIGH BOOTS: Blondo boots from Town Shoes

Wearing an outfit that gave me a little boost was exactly what I needed…although I was still in a foul mood when taking these pictures. Hard to tell I know 😉

I really like the (vegan!) leather in the jacket, skirt and boots. Who knew that black leather and brown leather could work together in the same outfit and not compete for attention?

The A-line cut of the skirt makes me smile whenever I feel it swing behind me as I walk. I even put a little bit of effort into my hair and tried out a new hairstyle.

How do you dress when you feel low? Do you grab your trusty, comfy combos or try out something new?

stay true xo 


4 thoughts on “Who, What, Wear: Black on Brown

    • oh my! thank you! I wasn’t sure about it but decided to rock it anyway. thanks for the encouragement xo

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