Who, What, Wear: The Nutcracker Ballet

On Sunday the 21st, The Boy and I watched the Nutcracker Ballet in downtown Vancouver.

The Nutcracker was a mystical thing I heard about as a kid growing up in South East Asia but never something I understood.

yay woohoo

I don’t pretend to understand dance as an art form, especially ballet. I can mildly appreciate hip-hop with all the pop and locking and bass and drums but ballet is so foreign to me with the twirls and the gracefulness and the high-pitched wind instruments. Even the idea of it makes me squirm in rebellion.

All that aside, I did enjoy the Nutcracker. I walked away with a desire to learn more about dance and to watch more dance performances in the future.

My favorite scene was the opening scene with the Christmas party. I love seeing all the costumes, set changes and lighting. Having been part of stage productions before, I can see that many people spent a lot of their time putting this show together.

Speaking of which, I take a dress code seriously and though it was not enforced, my dressing for the evening was a sign of respect for the performers and venue.

usethis usethistoo



COAT : Kate French

SEQUIN BATIK DRESS: long-time closet resident (bought back in 2007 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

PEEP-TOE SHOES: Barefoot Contessa

VINTAGE BAG: thrifted from Front and Company


How you watched the Nutcracker Ballet before? What did you think?

stay true y’all xo


9 thoughts on “Who, What, Wear: The Nutcracker Ballet

  1. You look so gorgeous in your coat and dress! I saw the Nutcracker when I was a little girl with my mother. Tchaikovsky was the first classical composer I started listening to for fun (I started playing piano at 6 years old), and eventually I became a professional musician! (I am 22, still in music school, but I have a budding career.) So it definitely made an impact for me!

    • Wow! Thanks for sharing. Isn’t it great how memories can be attached to a piece of music? I love that. xo

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