Last Minute Gift: DIY Chocolate Body Scrub & Conditioner

It’s Christmas Eve and you forgot to get a gift for that one person on your list!

Don’t worry – this deliciously decadent yet super simple DIY will save your butt in a second! Special help provided by Delima – follow on Insta @delima_decat.

deedee yay

Tip: For a grainer scrub, put in more brown sugar. For a more chocolatey smell, use more cocoa powder.


Step 1: Put all ingredients in a bowl.


Step 2: Mix well. Delima’s top tip is to make sure you mix it well by studying it from afar.


Step 3: Finished product should look like this.



Step 4: Place in container.

in ajar


Step 5: Smell like a chocolate bar in the shower.

The best part about this scrub is that it also conditions your skin. This means you can skip ‘the lotion step’ post-shower. This recipe will yield about 3-4 uses if you use it once a week. I recommend using it no more than twice a week. A great exfoliating yet conditioning body scrub in the winter months!

stay true xo 


4 thoughts on “Last Minute Gift: DIY Chocolate Body Scrub & Conditioner

    • It smells so delicious plus I can skip a step when I’m out of the shower 🙂 Happy Holidays Lena!

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