Style Muse: Fiona Glenanne from Burn Notice

The Boy and I started re-watching Burn Notice over the winter holidays and we’re currently on re-runs of Season 3 this week.

The series ended in 2013 but style lasts forever! Gabrielle Anwar plays Fiona Glenanne as the lead female actor on set. Fiona is a former IRA (Irish Republican Army) operative and Michael’s on-again/off-again girlfriend but her true passion lies in firearms and explosives. She lends tactical support to Michael during their missions together.

Fiona (Gabrielle Anwar) & Michael (Jeffrey Donovan)

Fiona (Gabrielle Anwar) & Michael (Jeffrey Donovan)

I noted Fiona Glenanne’s laid-back style the first time I watched the series but I decided to investigate her style in-depth this time around. I simply love the sexy boho vibe Fiona pulls off from episode to episode.


Signature Fi

gabrielle-anwar-burn-notice-fashion-4-325 Fiona’s signature style comprises of four key elements:

  • flared denim
  • loose white t-shirt
  • sunglasses (hers are always oversized)
  • wedges

Fiona’s style is practical and girl-next-door sexy. Stack a couple of bracelets, add a functional bag and you’re good to go. On the beauty front, Fi is always rocking the no makeup-makeup look with natural waves in her hair. Slap on some nude lipstick, embrace your natural hair texture and you’re good to go.

Style tip: It’s all about ATTITUDE! Fiona’s clothes are pretty basic but with her sassy attitude and confident demeanour,  she transforms what she’s wearing into something sexy!

Fiona Glenanne - Signature Style

Date Night Fi 

Fiona has two modes – work or play. On date night, Fiona favours dresses. She can be found in mini dresses like this:


or in something more demure like this:


I personally favour all the white dresses she wears throughout the seasons. I love how the color white hints at Fiona’s hidden innocence- really, all she wants is to marry Michael and live with him happily ever after…and blow stuff up once in a while.

Fiona Glenanne - Date Night 

Pair a white dress (preferably tighter on top and looser on the bottom) with classic brown wedges. Add a black bracelet to suggest a hint of utilitarianism and use some nude lipstick to emphasize your natural beauty.

What do you like about Fiona’s style? Would you wear her clothes?

 stay true xo


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