Lovely Day

The Boy and I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day but today is a reminder for me to be thankful for all the things I love like…


This song came on a Spotify playlist I was listening to recently and it reminded me of my dad who used to sing along to it when I was a kid.

I instantly flashbacked to his silly dance moves and realized that this song is quintessentially him. My dad is very upbeat and optimistic (sometimes annoyingly so). When I listened to the lyrics of this song now, I can appreciate the message of this song better – that your spirits can be lifted when you see a loved one’s face no matter how bad a day can be.

My parents were only 26 when they moved to Japan for 3 years with me in the 1990s (my second sister was born in Japan). I remember some specific experiences from Japan but the thing I remember most is feeling safe with my family.  I think this was the time of my life I learned what being happy and loved felt like. I don’t ever want to forget this feeling.

and now, we’ll segue into some funny illustrations on love:

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P.S. I know that this week’s post is a little light on content. I’m in the middle of a very intensive interior design course online and I am aiming to complete it in March (although the recommended time was to finish in June.) My Type A personality and perfectionist streak can give me general anxiety about pretty much everything but it’s great when I am working towards a goal. I can be back to producing quality blog posts in the beginning of April. I still have many ideas (a Style Muse post for Nicole Richie, a focus on 1970s fashion, several product reviews) so it’s not that I am out of the blogging game…I’m simply focusing on completing this course for now.

Happy V-Day to those of you who are celebrating today.

you’ve been stylesyah-ed! xo


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