What’s On My Bathroom Vanity?

Two weeks ago, I wrote a post titled ‘What’s On My Makeup Table?’. I also learned that a lot of you are bunch of nosy beauty junkies just like me! 🙂

This week, I welcome you to the world of my bathroom vanity – skincare, body care and hair care abound!


Skincare has always been important to me thanks to my Mom who taught me to always care for my skin. My routine is definitely not minimalist and I make no apologies for it. 🙂 I was inspired by this post on XOVain to create my own ‘skincare frame’. It helps me keep track of the steps and it’s super pretty too!


Ok, let’s move on to my bathroom vanity.

Back Row


The back row is divided into three sections using repurposed Bath and Body Works candle jars. The first jar has Q-tips, the second cotton pads to apply my toner and the third hold my hair accessories. I am very diligent about keeping track of my hair accessories and am not one of those people who fall victim to the Hair Pin/ Hair Tie Monster that steals your hair pins/hair ties. Folks with long hair, y’know what I’m talking about.

Front Row


The front row is infinitely more exciting and consists of three parts.


a) Deodorant: The Boy uses this deodorant but only when he works out. He’s been trying to minimize deo use since I told him about some of the cancer-causing chemicals in most mainstream deodorants. Eek!

b) Medicated Cream: Again, this is for The Boy when his psoriasis acts up.

c) Floss: Floss yo’ teeth people! I like this gentle one from Oral B.


a) Cleanser: I love this cleanser from First Aid Beauty. It’s fuss-free and gets the job done. Free of fragrance and anything potentially irritating.

b) Face Cream: I’ve talked about this face cream so much. Just read the review y’all. 🙂

c) Deodorant: Love this deo. When I first switched to it, my pits were a lil stinkier than usual but they’ve balanced out since then. I like knowing it is natural and contains no cancer-causing chemicals. The Boy has started to use the same brand too!

d) Sunscreen: I was on the search for a new sunscreen after discovering that Estee Lauder is on the BDS list. This one from Josie Maran pleasantly surprised me. I was cautious to try it out at first (hence the small size) since sunscreen usually looks grey on my face/break me out/smell like Sarlacc breath but this one…this is THE ONE. Baby, I’m in love. Perhaps I shall do a product review of this soon!

e) Eye drops: I have dry eyes (wahoo) so these eye drops are essential especially when I am looking at computer screens for too long.


a) Toner: This one from Lush is fuss-free and made of natural products. Read my review here.

b) Spot treatment: Great for spots that show up when I eat too much cheese or am surfing the crimson wave. This product is gentle on my skin and natural. Wish I had this when I was going through puberty!

c) Eye cream: I stopped using this eye cream in the fall but have been using it again since the start of this month and boy, what a difference it makes!

d) Eyebrow tool: I use this on stray hairs when my eyebrows are growing back in and just want to keep them from looking too out of control 🙂

e) Serum: I love my face serum from Kiehl’s. I have a large face so I pat on about 4 drops but this stuff is great for the areas of my skin that are dry and sad.

f) Makeup primer: I use this as a layer on my face before

g) Lip treatment: I use this lip treatment from Bite Beauty every night before I go to bed. My lips are really dry especially in the winter so this helps my lips stay moisturized.

And that concludes the tour of my bathroom vanity. What do you keep on your vanity? Share 3 essentials in the comments below.

you’ve been stylesyah-ed! xo  


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