What a Colorful World: Nature’s Colors

The bae and I went on a short trip to Victoria last week. Our lives have been hectic the past few months so it was refreshing to have time just for us while exploring a new place.

My favorite part of the trip was our visit to the Victoria Butterfly Gardens and The Butchart Gardens. I was so inspired by all of nature’s offerings. The colors, the smells…spring is definitely here and I am so grateful.

Orange You Glad

Orange is a lovely color for spring and summer. I found beautiful expressions of this warm and bright color in butterflies and flowers.

Bright orange top and white pants or warm orange with a black skirt…great color combinations inspired by this beautiful butterfly.


White pants paired with a bright orange top for brunettes like myself…a perfect color combination inspired by nature.

DSC02307For those with black hair, white and orange colors will make you hair color pop!

DSC02329If you really want to make a statement, try pairing green and orange together.


The pink, orange, yellow ombre on this tulip is EVERYTHING.

DSC02330Me at the gardens with an orange maxi, black jacket and beige hat. Guess I was inconsciously inspired by the butterflies 🙂

Pink Ladies

Pink, the color of fun, youth and innocence.  The flowers agree that pink is a great color for spring.


Pink and silver make a great combination. Try pairing a pink top with silver accessories for a feminine touch.


I love this flower called ‘The Bleeding Heart’. The way the flowers are lined up in front of one another reminds me of my family of origin – my parents, my sisters and I.



Pair white jeans with a pink top for maximum contrast. Green accessories will make the outfit pop. DSC02320

Pale pink looks great by itself just like the petals in these tulips.


Another natural ombre of white to pink.

Purple All Over

Purple is one of my favorite colors. I love the depth and mystery that purple offers.


Bright purple is a trendy color to wear. You’ll be gifted with ultimate confidence when you wear it out on the town.


The mix of white and purple on this tulip is gorgeous. Imagine a purple dress with white shoes and a white clutch…gorgeous.


I love the mix of this deep purple and pink. Imagine a wonderful gemstone necklace with pink and purple gemstones…so beautiful.

I came away from the gardens with my eyes and heart wide open. I have always gravitated towards the humble and quiet beauty of nature.

I’d like to think I approach my art the way nature approaches the seasons. Nature does what it does. It doesn’t seek approval or admiration. It grows, blooms and dies because of a deeper, innate purpose of life itself. As an artist, it’s difficult to write, sing, dance, play music, design, dress and generally be creative particularly when people around you are unable to appreciate your work or understand your vision. At the end of the day,  I do what I do for myself so I can honor this gift of yearning for creation.

you’ve been stylesyah-ed xo 


12 thoughts on “What a Colorful World: Nature’s Colors

  1. How timely is this post. My husband and I are going to Victoria next weekend for my birthday. I am so excited. It will be our first time visiting and we will definitely be checking out the Butchart Gardens. Beautiful photos. Thanks so much for sharing.


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