Dealing with Loss

Last Sunday, I received news that one of my maternal aunts passed away. It was a sudden and unexpected passing which made it all the more difficult to comprehend, especially being so far away from family.

My immediate instinct was to recall a particularly happy memory I shared with my aunt. My second was to cry.

I’ve been taking it slow this week. I try to live from moment to moment. I don’t make plans beyond a few days. Drinking lots of water helps hydrate my brain. Stretching every morning allows me to reconnect with my body. Going outside with Delima reminds me to continue breathing. Allowing myself to feel whatever I need to feel has become essential.

I’m starting to realize that small, sustainable steps every day to care for myself are more important than any one thing like taking a vacation or indulging in retail therapy.

Small, sustainable steps…and one day, I’ll be OK again.

xo Syah


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