Review: S.W. Reusable Cotton Rounds

One night (not long ago), I was using cotton rounds to remove makeup and apply toner when I realized how fast I go through my cotton rounds…I instantly wondered if there was an Earth-friendly alternative to wasting so much cotton every. I hopped onto the Internet and sure enough…reusable cotton pads are a thing!


The first hit I got was from S.W. Cotton Rounds – a Brooklyn-based company dedicated to ethically sourced and powerful skincare. I ordered a pack from Clementine Fields, a Canadian-based vendor.


I’ve been using these cotton pads for 3 weeks now so here are my thoughts.

What it promises from their website:

~ certified organic cotton

~ machine washable

~ use with makeup remover, toner etc.

What it delivers:

This cotton pad is 1.5 times larger than a regular one. I have a big face y’all (holla South East Asian genes) so this is good news for me. It’s also much softer than a regular cotton pad and you use both sides of this since the material is thick enough to not allow whatever is on one side to seep through to the other side.

I have two qualms with this product though. First, I wish there was more than 8 in each pack. I use 1.5 of these cotton pads every day (one side for morning toner, the other for makeup removal and one side of a new one for nighttime toner). If I wear makeup everyday and apply extra toner on mask days, this would mean I need 12 cotton pads a week. This meant washing the cotton pads twice a week for me and waiting for them to hang-dry so I had to use regular cotton pads. For this reason, I invested in another pack but it would be great if each pack came with more than 8 to account for wash days and those of us with a more detailed skincare routine.

Second, I found cleaning the cotton pads to be a hit-and-miss. I read somewhere that S.W. recommends hand washing but it’s tough to hand-wash these babies every couple of days. For the record, I do laundry once a week and handwash delicate items once every two weeks. Furthermore, some waterproof makeup like my eyebrow jazz weren’t completely removed from the cotton pads when I put it through the washing machine. I’m going to see if it makes a difference if I soak them in lemon juice before washing or if putting them in a separate wash cycle helps. I’m not a big fanof doing the latter though because it’s such a waste of water!

Price point: CAD$28 each for 1 pack of 8.

Rating: B

Final thoughts: I LOVE that these are Earth-friendly and that I now have a step in my routine that is less hard on Mother Earth. BUT these babies are expensive! I gritted my teeth and forked money out because I’d rather spend my money on something good than know that I am contributing to unnecessary landfill waste (and did nothing about it eventhough I could afford to). If you look at it as a one-time purchase, you could justify it as being better on your wallet in the long run…

*For those of you searching for reusable cotton pads at a lower price point, there are some great homemade cotton rounds sold on Etsy.

What do you think of reusable cotton rounds?

you’ve been stylesyah-ed! xo


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