Hair and Now: May 2015

Another post to commemorate my hair-y adventure. Check out previous hair posts here: August 2014, October 2014, March 2015 

I got my hair cut on my birthday last week by the always amazing, Beth Lugtu. Here is the process!

before hair may 2015


My hair has gotten brassy since March 2015.  Beth also said that this color distracts from my face. Who knew that colored hair needed so much maintenance. It’s a commitment.

It’s my highest recommendation for anyone who wants to dye their hair (especially if you’re going lighter) to consult a professional. Beth informed me that it’s often difficult to predict how hair will turn out with colors out of a box because:

1) you don’t know what colors are in the box e.g. a brown is often made up of red and other dye colors but the exact combination of the type and amount of each color might be unknown

2) your hair might react to colors differently e.g. my hair readily absorbs blonde dyes due to the lack of red undertones

Due to the abovementioned points, it then becomes difficult for a hairstylist to color-correct your hair when you consult them after an undesirable DIY dye job.

Back to my hair…here are some ‘after’ pictures.

after hair may 2015 after hair may 2015 too after may 2015 three



For my current hair, Beth neutralized the warm ombré left over from winter to this natural caramel tone.
She also re-texturized cut her hair without taking any length off.

My hair is now darker around my face with subtle highlights across my crown and on the ends. This is my favorite hairstyle thus far…I love the darker color around my face and the cut flatters my face. As always, Beth paid attention to my personal style and added her own creative touch to my hair. Thank you Beth!

Have you ever colored your hair? What’s the most favorite hairstyle you’ve ever had? Let me know in the comments!

you’ve been stylesyah-ed! xo 


2 thoughts on “Hair and Now: May 2015

    • thanks so much Lena xo growing out my hair has been an adventure…! I can’t wait til the length is at my chest!

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