Flashback and Look Forward: Summer 2015

August is almost over! This means that it’s time to sit down and take some oppurutnity to reflect on this past summer.

5 Favorite Summer Memories


Getting my toes done for my 26th birthdayDSC02421 Wearing hats all day, every day


My favorite comfy summer ensemble

DSC02495Attending my best friend’s wedding

We moved back into our newly renovated house this summer and are still settling in. Ramadan this year was particularly brutal with the heatwaves, drought and long hours of fasting. I also fell sick earlier this month and am still recovering from a major kidney infection. Despite the stresses of moving house, fasting and falling sick, I had a memorable summer with starting a new writing project, celebrating Eid with friends and watchign movies/shopping/going to the beach/eating out with good friends. I also had time to re-read the entire Harry Potter series when I was on bedrest!

I’m very much looking forward to fall. Fall is a special season because it is always filled with celebration for The Boy and I.

Here’s to the precious few weeks left of summer! It’s time for me to find my summer to fall transition clothing pieces… 😉

you-ve been stylesyah-ed! xo


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