Who, What, Wear: Fall-ing into Transition

This week, I started to get rid of some summer clothes in my closet (noooooo) and bust out my jeans and coats. Summer is transitioning into fall and in Vancouver, that means sporadic rainfall with bouts of heat and sun. This also means no one has a clue what to wear outside. My no-fail four-step program to dressing for transitional summer to fall weather is…

Step 1: Cover legs | Step 2: Bring umbrella in bag | Step 3: Bring/wear a jacket | Step 4: Β Wear closed toed shoes

Evidence of 4-step program below:
DSC02533 DSC02534 DSC02535


Anorak : thrifted | Black crop top: American Eagle Outfitters | Ripped jeans: Guess | Flats: Clarks
DSC02537 DSC02538 DSC02539

No photoshoot with me is complete without silly poses and stretching poses. Because why not?

P.S. I know my hair is dangerously bordering on becoming brassy (whoa. alliteration.) I’ll hopefully fix it at my hair appointment in a few weeks.

you’ve been stylesyah-ed! xo


12 thoughts on “Who, What, Wear: Fall-ing into Transition

    • haha Asa! When I was wearing my jacket that day, I saw a group of 4 girls wear a similar kind of jacket. It’s not the most original jacket but it’s warm. I just wish mine had a hood cuz of all the rain we get here.

    • hahaha! i love posing ridiculously in front the camera! all the girls with fashion blogs are so cool with their artsy poses. i’ve just never felt comfortable in front of the camera though….i gave up on the cool poses a while back. I have one or two and then it’s ridiculous poses all the way. πŸ™‚
      thanks for dropping by Karen! xo

    • thanks so much Ashley! I prefer ridiculous poses in front of the camera…never been cool in my life so I just stick to dorky cuz I do that best. πŸ™‚ thanks for stopping by! xo

    • thanks annie πŸ™‚ It’s that time of year where the northern hemisphere is transitioning from summer to fall…take care of yourself! it’s also the time of year people get sick!

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