Review: RMS Beauty ‘Buriti Bronzer’

Today, I’ll be reviewing the RMS Beauty ‘Buriti Bronzer’.  I’ve been on the hunt for a cream bronzer since I discovered the magic of bronzers last fall. I finally got my hands on this product in June. After a few months of use, here are my thoughts.


DSC02560 What it promises from the RMS Beauty website:

~ ultra-sheer cream bronzer

~ no orange, pink or grey color

~ gives the right amount of warmth to create sun kissed skin

~ works on all skin tones and doubles as a luminizer for darker skin tones

What it delivers: 

blended on the left, unblended on the right

blended on the left, unblended on the right

This product delivers on all points promised… it’s buildable, the color is just right and works on many skin tones as a bronzer.

I love the cream formula as it is easy to use. I prefer cream as opposed to powder products for my cheeks as it adds more hydration to my dry cheek areas. I apply this on my face using my fingers and just draw lines on my face where I want it to be. Then, I use a Beauty Blender to blend the product into my skin. I like that it is buildable though it took a while to figure out how many layers I need. On my medium toned neutral-olive skin, 1 layer gives me a sheer wash of color. 2 layers and my skin starts to look visibly alive and healthier. 3 layers gives my face a visibly contoured look. I apply a layer, blend it, let it set for a few minutes, then apply another layer. The sheerness of the formula gives you control with how bronzed you want to look. I can see myself using this well into the fall/winter as I start to lose whatever little tan I had from summer.

Other plus points are the all-natural ingredients and the lack of scent. I have a sensitive nose and get headaches easily from strong perfumes so the fact that this product is scent-free is great.

Price point: $32 for 0.2 oz

Rating: A+ 

Final thoughts: I love that this is a cream product and all-natural as well. I feel good wearing this and knowing that it isn’t harmful for my skin. I would highly recommend to my friends! I especially know I like a product when I am intrigued to try other products from the brand.

Have you tried any product from RMS Beauty?

you’ve been stylesyah-ed! xo 


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