Interior Design sampleboards

As someone who values holistic beauty, I am constantly in pursuit of learning new things to create beauty in the world around us. I’ve been enrolled in an interior design diploma course since January this year and I wanted to share my most recent assignment with you. I created these sampleboards with Olioboard. It’s very similar to Polyvore in that you start with a blank board and from there, you are able to create and customize any room you want.

Below, I share the sampleboards I created for four areas of a house for a fictional client.

OB-Den OB-Dining room OB-kitchen OB-Office

My favorite sampleboard is the office. I want to strive to create beautiful spaces like this within my own house.

Don’t you find it interesting that creativity can spill from one field to another? Singing and writing are my oldest creative pursuits but I’ve also learned to appreciate fashion, makeup and most recently, interior design. Interior design has helped me appreciate the importance of a beautiful and functional space to live in. Our holistic wellness is heavily affected by our surroundings and inhabiting beautiful spaces help elevate our physical, emotional and mental health.

Do you have creative fields you want to explore? What do you enjoy about your creative field? Share your experiences below!

you’ve been stylesyah-ed! xo 


4 thoughts on “Interior Design sampleboards

    • I originally started the course so that I could help in the design process of the house renovation. I’ve already gotten so much out of the course based on that aspect alone! I don’t think I’ll make a full career out of it… other creative fields are calling to me atm 🙂 But as someone with a creative soul and a good eye for design, ID has taught me soooo much!

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