How to Wash Your Face Properly

Last week, I showcased my Top Shelf skincare products. This week, I want to share two videos that really elevated my skincare routine. Isabelle Bellis, celebrity esthetician with a top-secret client list, shows us how to properly wash your face. I highly recommend watching these videos – there is something very calming about watching Isabelle care for her face.

I’ve had a skincare routine since I was 16 but just when I think I got this ‘skincare thing’ down pat, I learn something new. I’m a dork so I took detailed notes and I’ll share them here with you.

How to Cleanse your Face according to Isabelle Bellis


  1. Emolliate your face with thermal spring water.
  2. Liquefy 1-2 drops of cleanser between your fingers.
  3. Rapid actions when cleansing is essential. Work your fingers upward gently and “swim” (circular movements around face and eyes with fingers). Do this twice.
  4. Rinse with tepid (lukewarm) water.
  5. Dab dry.
  6. Spray on more thermal water.
  7. Dab dry with a tissue.


  1. Put toner on some cotton pads.
  2. Apply on your face gently using inside-to-outside motions (from the center of your face outwards).


  1. Use 1 drop for your neck, each cheek and forehead.
  2. Apply in upward movements.
  3. Go from inside to outside the face.
  4. Stretch the forehead and apply upwards.
  5. Tap your fingers all over your face to drain your lymph nodes.
  6. Use your palsn to dab your face gently.
  7. Eye cream: Put on corners of eyes and one dot on the eye bone. Leftover eye cream can be put on the upper lip. Caress from inside of the eye (towards the nose) to outside. Tap gently around the eye bone.

Isabelle Bellis emphasizes that it is important to enjoy this process. She emphasizes that taking the time each morning and night to be in contact with your skin will re-connect you to your body.

That truly is powerful self-care advice if I ever heard any 🙂

What did you learn recently that elevated your beauty routine? 

xoxo your modern day renaissance woman, Syah


6 thoughts on “How to Wash Your Face Properly

  1. Looks very relaxing and spa-like! Sometimes I tap my face like they do at the spa but it’s just not the same – it’s like trying to tickle yourself haha!
    I’m thinking of getting this roller thing to apply skincare:

  2. Thanks for sharing. I am usually quite a bit of a naughty nellie with skincare I try to skip it but these tips will hopefully motivate me to get back into it!

    • I always approach my skincare routine as my ‘me-time’. Just like Isabelle says ‘it’s a time for you to re-connect to your body’. It’s my bedtime routine that puts me right to sleep 🙂

  3. great info esp on the mosturizer. The rest I practically practice and I find that my skin cleans better when I massage the cleanser instead of rushing to get through washing!

    • That’s amazing! No wonder you have such great skin 🙂 I’ve been doing this for a month now and The Boy just told me that my skin looked great yesterday.

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