Top Shelf Haircare

Two weeks ago, I showcased my Top Shelf skincare products. This week, I decided to share my Top Shelf haircare products. Here’s the lineup:


John Masters Organics Honey & Hibiscus Reconstructing Shampoo : I love this stuff and have been using it for a year now. Read this for a thorough review.

John Masters Organics Honey & Hibiscus Hair Reconstructor: Love this stuff as well. The coordinating shampoo makes this a killer combo for my hair to remain soft, shiny and manageable especially now that it’s past my shoulders. Read this for a thorough review.

John Masters Organics Herbal Cider Hair Clarifier & Color Sealer: This stuff is the bomb! I use this once every two weeks to clarify my scalp. It helps me maintain the vibrancy and color of my hair when it is colored as well.

Jojoba oil: I get this from The Main Dispensary in Vancouver. I like to use this on the ends of my hair to add shine and protect against heat especially if I’m going to be using heat on my hair.

Yarok Feed Your Roots Mousse: I really like this mousse because it seems to help build volume on my roots. On days I don’t use this, I notice that my hair looks rather flat on my head.

John Masters Organics Deep Scalp Purifying Serum: I like to put this on my scalp when it gets too itchy and dry (the perils of winter). It smells like peppermint and is very soothing on the scalp.

Principessa Beauty : I’ve been using this for over a year now and it’s the dry shampoo I compare every other dry shampoo too. Unfortunately, Principessa Beauty closed their doors in January so once this bottle is done…it’s over. 😦 I’ll be looking for another dry shampoo soon!

What hair care products are currently on your top shelf? 

xoxo your modern day renaissance woman, Syah


2 thoughts on “Top Shelf Haircare

    • HAHA!! I never used to be fancy with my haircare but late last year, my hair started getting really dry and brittle. Ugh. I did some research and realized that my hair care game was super off. My hair is great now ever since I started using JMO products plus it’s a green and organic so I don’t feel like I’m putting chemicals into my body all the time. 🙂

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