How to Recognize your Hair Type and Care for it

Last week, I showcased my Top Shelf haircare products. This week, let’s talk about caring for your natural hair texture.

I’ve always been pretty low-maintenace when it comes to my hair. I visit my hairstylist once every 2 -3 months. Apart from that, I rarely use heat on my hair. I prefer to let it air dry. I do this partly because I like my natural texture and partly because I’m pretty much clueless when it comes to hair styling. I can’t curl my hair proper or do anything beyond a basic braid to save my life.

I’m totally on board with Andre Walker’s philosophy of embracing your natural hair texture (heck yes, the lazy girl inside me is jumping up and down). Andre Walker is Oprah’s longtime hairstylist. He developed a ‘hair typing system’ that helps women identify their natural hair texture to empower them to know which products to use and how often to use them.



I’m a Type 2A.

This means that my hair is slightly “S” waved and that it tends to sticks close to the head. My hair also tends to be fine in density though I do have a lot of it. Type 2A hair also lacks volume and definition (yes, I can confirm this).

Some tips from on how to enhance Type 2A hair:

  • Use lightweight tea tree or jojoba oil to seal in hair moisture.
  • Refresh your hair with a styling spritz that moisturizes and lessens frizz.
  • Use a gentle sulfate-free cleanser to get the most body for your waves.
  • Plop your freshly washed hair for more defintion

What is your hair type? Do you have tips on wearing your natural hair texture? 

xoxo your modern day renaissance woman, Syah



5 thoughts on “How to Recognize your Hair Type and Care for it

  1. I’m 2B and I really enjoy a glycerin based product called Curl Keeper. It doesn’t make my hair crunchy but helps to eliminate frizz and keep the waves defined. 🙂

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