When to Get Rid of Makeup

Getting rid of expired makeup is key to keeping a hygenic beauty stash. I am very particular about keeping my makeup and tools clean so I decided to share this useful infographic I found as well as some tips on keeping current makeup clean.


source: Jenny Chang for Buzzfeed

My top 5 tips on keeping makeup clean:

  1. Label the expiry date on your product using washi tape and a black pen. This way, you know exactly when to throw what out when.
  2. Clean brushes or sponges regularly. I like to clean mine once a week.
  3. Throw away anything that smells bad or has changed texture. DO NOT keep anything that looks or smell funky. It’s not worth a skin/eye/lip infection.
  4. Sharpen all lip and eye pencils and make sure they have lids.
  5. Sanitize your current makeup with rubbing alcohol. You can get this at the drugstore in spray bottle form and simply spritz it onto your lipsticks, eyeshadows etc.

Keeping a clean makeup stash goes a long way towards healthy skin. It also means you get to experiment with new products ever so often.

What makeup cleaning tips do you live by? 

xoxo your modern day renaissance woman, Syah 


2 thoughts on “When to Get Rid of Makeup

  1. The ONLY item that I adhere to guidelines is mascara… everything else, I’m guilty of keeping WAY longer than recommended. I’m planning on purging most of my lipsticks in the new year. Some are approaching 10 years old…
    I do label my skincare with the open date – it does some in handy!

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