Hair and Now: December 2015

I haven’t done a hair post since July so here’s an update. Last week, I went to see my longtime hairstylist and friend, Beth Lugtu. She currently works out of Haircats in Vancouver.  Beth colored, glazed, cut and blowdried my hair into perfection…just in time for my travels. xo


12349486_10203880331607569_792513001_o 12355763_10203880330927552_1881828140_o 12355965_10203880331127557_610076693_o 12359357_10203880330327537_1906527197_o

She darkened my hair into a cool brown color which really brought out my complexion. She also added more layers into my hair to increase the volume at the roots. As always, I felt like a million bucks walking out of the salon!

xoxo your modern day renaissance woman, Syah


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